Freckles in April: About Me

About Me

Welcome to Freckles in April, a blog devoted to making your life a little prettier and a little easier.

Here I share interesting articles, life and parenting hacks, DIYs, recipes, and shopping posts along with the occasional bit of personal style!

I'm Kayla, a left-handed Arizonan and mother of 3. I've been blogging for over 9 years now! I've also worked in social media marketing and written for Babble. I started out in 2006 with a small family blog that I eventually shut down over privacy concerns before starting Freckles in April in October of 2010. I'm passionate about blogging and the community it can help to build, which is how I came to be an organizer for the Arizona Blogger & Influencer Meetup!

The Minions:
  • Aaron - Tall, dark and handsome engineer. Married me in December 2005.
  • Stinky - Blue-eyed lover of Legos and paper airplanes. Made me a mother in January 2008.
  • Baby 2 - Resident red-headed hurricane. Destroying our house with a smile since April 2010.
  • Caboose - Rounded out our family with a dash of femininity in October 2014

Want to work with me?
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