Freckles in April: Love is Art (Excuse Me While I Blush to Death)

Monday, January 29, 2018

Love is Art (Excuse Me While I Blush to Death)

I feel a bit awkward writing this post BUT I keep reminding myself that I'm an adult and I'm allowed to write about adult-type topics so *takes deep breath, hikes up britches* onward!

In 2015 I ran across Love is Art and thought, "Well that would be a pretty great anniversary gift." Unfortunately our anniversary had been, I kid you not, exactly one week prior. So I kept it open in a tab on my phone's browser for almost an entire year, during which time it just kept sounding better and better in my mind until I was congratulating myself on finding the greatest anniversary gift of all time. I finally bought it for him for our 11th wedding anniversary and presented it with great fanfare.

He was totally confused.

I explained.

He was excited!

But...we were tired.

I put the package under my side of the bed thinking we'd get around to it soon and then...another year went by. Occasionally I'd see it and go, "Oh yeah! We need to do that." Back under the bed it would go.

When I set up the sitting area in our room that we've always wanted I realized I needed some large, vertical art over the couch. Due to our spending fast I knew I couldn't buy any art for that area for another 5+ months and I was kind of bummed that it would take that long to finish off the area.


So yes, it took a home decorating project to make us actually use our kit. I pulled it out from under the bed one Friday afternoon and told Aaron it was his lucky night. We had dinner, put the kids to bed, and we made us some art!

In case you haven't figured it out by's sex art. Yes, really. And I'm sorry. But also I'm not sorry because A. it was really fun and B. I freaking love how our canvas turned out.

Here's how it works:

The kit includes a giant piece of plastic sheeting, a canvas, non-toxic paint, two pairs of disposable booties and a loofah.

You spread out the giant piece of plastic to protect your floor, place the canvas in the middle of the plastic, set the booties up on the side closest to the bathroom and stick the loofah in the shower. Then you just kind of drip the paint all over the canvas, strip down whatever you want to do on that canvas. When you're done you slip on the booties to walk to the shower and scrub off.

The whole thing was really fun and strangely empowering. Afterward I looked at myself in the mirror all covered in paint and though, *I* am the work of art. I kind of didn't want to wash it off.

Afterward we let the canvas dry and stretched it on homemade stretcher bars (cheap resawn trim from Home Depot with edges cut at 45* angles and screwed together with corner braces). Then I stained some pieces of poplar and we made a simple frame and hung the whole thing on our bedroom wall.

Sticker on the wood I used for the stretcher bars- it was under $5 per piece and I needed 2.

My angles weren't perfect but the stretcher bars get hidden under the canvas.

Basically held together with staples and a prayer

The canvas really completes that side of the room. I love the size, I love the look, I love the memory.

Valentine's Day is kind of a junk holiday for us- we don't go out, we rarely do gifts. But I think most significant others would appreciate something like this for Vday or an anniversary. It's a fun *adult* activity to do together and you get a cool piece of art to boot. There are lots of different canvas and paint color options and there's a 20% off coupon if you follow them on Instagram.

And here endeth the most awkward post I've ever written.

(P.S. Lady Gaga has done it!)


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  1. Awesome! Glad you shared in a very tasteful way.:)

  2. Um. I love it! Sounds like fun!

  3. Ohhhh...I am very intrigued! Going to measure the blank wall in our master!

  4. This.Is.Amazing. Guess who's husband is getting a spontaneous gift from Love Is Art?!?!? I so appreciate you sharing this (even though I can imagine the second guessing that might preceded it). Good looking out! I love it!


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