Freckles in April: 2018 Resolutions

Thursday, December 28, 2017

2018 Resolutions

For some reason my social media right now is hating on making New Years resolutions (something about living in the now, according to one tweet) and I don't get it. It probably has something to do with my love of lists but I LOVE making resolutions and I look forward to it every December. 

I made resolutions for 2017 and I think I accomplished all of them except one (did not get another piercing due to my current piercings getting all unhappy- I will spare you gory details but my ears are absurdly sensitive).

Here's what I'd like to work on in 2018:

1. Read to my kids more

I've never been good at this but in the last month or so I've started reading aloud to them most evenings and it's amazing how much it improves my kids' overall behavior and also how much we all enjoy it. We're currently reading The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (he wrote the Percy Jackson series) and even my husband is interested in what happens next. It's crazy how often we DON'T have time to read thanks to other commitments but we think we can hit at least 3 evenings a week and hope for more.

2. Keep to our schedule

I'm already good about getting to bed early and waking up early to go to the gym but Aaron recently read The Power of When by Michael Breus and decided he needed to do better as well. Our oldest son struggles with a bit of insomnia so we decided to implement some changes for our whole family to help everyone sleep better and have better days. Starting at dinnertime (6pm) we dim all the lights. We eat dinner by candlelight and, after dinner, I read aloud to everyone (see above) rather than turning on a show. Everyone has a warm shower and kids are in bed by 8. Eliminating bright lights and screens in the evenings has made it so Aaron and I are both pretty ready for sleep by 9:30 at the latest and then we have no problem getting up around 5 and starting our day. We really love this schedule- we crave the quiet and the cozy candlelight of the evening and we look forward to getting so much accomplished in the early morning hours. We got out of the habit while we had company in town for Christmas and we're dying to get back to it. 

The Christmas tree didn't hurt the ambiance at all

3. Go on a spending fast

Every time we go through our finances we cringe a little at how much money we spend. I decided (and made everyone else get on board) that for 6 months we are only going to buy things we have consumed or used up and need to replace. I want us to think a lot harder every time we reach for our credit cards. Plus this will allow us to save up for a summer trip we're trying to plan.

4. Reach out to far-flung friends and family

I made a list of six people I love who live far away. Once a month I'd like to send something small to one of them in the mail. So each person will theoretically get two things in the mail over the course of the year that let them know I love them and I'm thinking about them.

Like these two- my sister and my nephew

5. Take time to be creative

I've had the creative itch for a while but haven't found an outlet. I looked into taking a ceramics class but it was a bit pricier than I wanted. I need to make time and space to create and draw and color and write and photograph to scratch that itch. I have plenty of tools- I just need to use them!

6. Be consistent

I didn't write about this in my original resolutions post but I had a watchword for 2017: Discipline. It's like the least fun thing ever but I wanted to "do things that need to be done, when they need to be done, regardless of whether or not I want to do them." Sometimes this meant gritting my teeth and repeating "discipline discipline discipline discipline" while I did laundry or cooked dinner or got up early to go to the gym. Before too long, however, discipline became a habit. It became natural to just do the things that needed to be done and it took less mental energy to make myself do things. Discipline, for me, was the key to an organized and happy life in 2017.

This year my watchword is consistency. There are some things I'm really consistent at and they're mostly things that have to do with taking care of my own self: I consistently work out, eat healthy, go to bed and wake up early, etc. I am less consistent in: my parenting, my housekeeping, tracking our finances, and probably a lot of other things I haven't thought of yet. The ideas and systems are mostly there but I'm not consistent about implementing them. For example, Aaron and I worked out a system of consequences for our kids a long time ago (mean to your brother? do an act of service for him) but I always forget it's there and end up just yelling at them instead which is obviously SUPER effective. So I'd like to be a more consistent person- consistent in taking care of myself, consistent in taking care of my kids, consistent in my laundry, consistent in doing good things that improve our lives and help us all to be healthy and happy.

Are you a resolution maker? What are you hoping to accomplish in the new year?


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  1. Ohhhh...I LOVE the idea of discipline as a theme for the year because I could use more of that in my life! Just the general: take care of things when they need taken care of, sense. Some things I'm pretty strict about - I work out regularly and read a lot of books...but some other things (like cleaning the grout on the bathroom floor...) I put off for YEARS.

  2. I always love your resolutions! Making them is nice too, it feels like a fresh start though for some reason this year I have not made any resolutions of my own.

  3. Ooooh, consistency is such a great year-word! Mine is self-care (and I'm DESPERATE for it, like, woah), and I think a lot of my dire need for self care has come from lack of reasonable consistency in making sure I was okay.



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