Freckles in April: 9 Pretty Christmas Dress Options for Women

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

9 Pretty Christmas Dress Options for Women

I haven't bought myself a Christmas dress in ages but this year I got the itch and I've been online window shopping like crazy. Here are nine (+3!) options for a variety of tastes and budgets:

Velvet Crush

To be honest I wasn't on board with the velvet trend until I started shopping for Christmas dresses and then I was like SIGN ME UP. When I sent screenshots of velvet dresses to some friends, opinions were decidedly split. Some are super on board and all kinds of heart-eyed over it and others are like, nope did this when I was 8 hard pass. So if you fall more into the former camp than the latter, here are 3 I love:
1. Shop Henly | This deep cranberry wrap dress is to. die. for.
2. eShakti | Dark floral is perfect for Christmas but still works all fall and winter long.
3. ASOS | I can't pull off kimono style dresses despite MULTIPLE attempts but gaaah I adore the silhouette and this color.

I ordered this one from SheIn to try. My expectations are reeeeal low but the reviews are good and the price was right so why not. I will likely report back on my IG story.

LBD Forever

I have a couple friends who wear exclusively black. They always look super chic while openly admitting that they're just really lazy and an all-black wardrobe makes life easier. If you're of the opinion that black is perfect for all situations at all times of year, or you just really like the ease of a LBD, here are a few options for you:

4. eShakti | Apparently statement sleeves are like A Thing right now. Mostly I'm meh about that idea but these bell sleeves caught my fancy. I love that they're on a shift, which is theee best style for hiding the food baby we're all carrying around this time of year.
5. ASOS | tbh I love tuxedo anything. I'd 100% wear this dress with its structured top and drapey bottom and perfect satin lapels and I'd look dang good doing it.
6. SheIn | For people who are like I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY FOODBABY. But seriously, I love the clean, classic shape and tall lace at the hem. A classy dress for classy broads who like paying only $15 for their holiday wear.

Plaid is Rad

Plaid (and buffalo check) is my jam. I've had this one red plaid shirt for years (it's appeared here a bunch but, because I am terrible at labeling my pictures, I can't find it) that I still get a TON of wear out of. I just love the way it looks with jeans or a leather skirt or, lets be honest, my sweatpants. Anyway, if you are similarly enamored, here are some lovely plaid choices:

7. eShakti | It's like DRAMA but in PLAID, you know? Also, if you haven't bought from eShakti before you may not know that you can add sleeves, change a hem or neckline, etc. I have no fewer than TEN of their dresses in my closet. The quality is fantastic, the fit is excellent, I am a super fan. They are not paying me to say any of that- legit unsponsored raving.
8. Shop Henly | Basically pajamas and I am here for it.
9. J Crew Factory | A woman from our church wore a super similar dress last week and paired it with a cream colored tasseled scarf and sparkly jewelry I probably scared her with how quickly I grabbed her arm like WHERE DID YOU GET EVERYTHING YOU ARE WEARING. Her dress was old from Anthro but totally doable from other, less pricey sources.

BONUS: I prefer skirts, TBH

I got you, boo.

10. Gap | My thoughts on sequin skirts: I got one on clearance a few years back because I couldn't bring myself to pay full price for something that I would only wear a few times a year. But I gotta tell ya- I LOVED pulling that skirt out around Christmas and NYE. If you fancy a sequin skirt, my dear, you should get a sequin skirt.
11. ASOS | Remember the Bride Seen Around the Pinterest World in her white tulle wedding dress with a plaid shirt on top? Do your own take with this ethereal little number (or really, just go look at allll the pretty tulle skirt options on ASOS right now and think of all the dreamy outfits you could create)
12. SheIn | I've come back to look at this skirt a handful of times. I love the windowpane print. The fuller shape makes it a bit fancier. It'd be perfect with a crisp button down, a glittery bracelet and some killer black heels.

Honorable mentions because I forgot how much time it takes to put together images for posts like this and I want to go do something else: ModCloth has some really good plaid skirt choices this year. I don't love lace but I'm pretty into this textured number from Called to Surf. Amazon kept recommending this Gatsby-esque dress and the more I look at it the more I like it so there's a fancy option for ya.

I think there are some pretty big gaps in the market though- very few good options in Christmas green or in a large scale classic red and black buffalo check, BOTH of which I am interested in (and was last year as well, to no avail). Get on it, clothing makers!!

Are you getting a Christmas dress this year? Let's see it!


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  1. Oh my goodness...I LOVE that Gatsby-esque dress. I already have a sequined dress for fancy Christmas parties so I can't really justify a second, especially one that fancy. BUT I LOVE IT.

  2. Love the Gatsby as well! Stunning! I’d wear #6 lbd (with Spanx of course). I really like #1 for you. Excited to see your similarly colored purchase!

  3. Dress 5, all the waaaaay. I love plaid, and I wish I had the panache to pull off a plaid dress at night, but...I haven't gotten there yet.

  4. Christmas Ball Conveyor - Each team chooses two people to compete in this challenge. They stand, facing each other, at a distance to be determined by how difficult you wish the challenge to be.

  5. Or, on the other hand get yourself a lovely dress with colossal botanical or different prints all finished, and group it up with designed purses and leggings and hooped adornments.In Style Woman


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