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Monday, June 19, 2017

Splurge or Save | Bikinis

I go through cycles where I obsessively shop for certain things depending on the time of year. I usually don't even end up buying anything, just the online window shopping itself seems to scratch whatever mental itch I've got going on (I'm sure my psychologist brother would have things to say about that). In any event, lately I can't stop browsing swimsuits. Which means I've got some some knockoffs to share with you!

Standard caveat emptor warning- I can't vouch for the quality of any of these items so make sure you read the reviews and whatnot!

  ModCloth Set the Serene Swimsuit Top and Bottom (several color options) vs CupShe or SeaSelfie on Amazon

$75.99 difference (heads up- reviews are better for the SeaSelfie one over the CupShe one and it's a little bit cheaper!)

Triangl Delilah Fiore Nero suit vs Muxilove Neoprene Bikini

$60 difference

I've had my eyes on Triangl's neoprene bikinis forEVER (I mentioned them back in January) but haven't been able to convince myself to spend that much on a bikini that I'm not totally sure I'll wear (sometimes I feel brave enough for a bikini and sometimes I don't). But $19? Sure. I'd take that gamble.

Mango Molli vs SheIn.

This antler print bikini showed up in my Pinterest feed a while back and I immediately loved it (I even shared it on my IG story) but no way will I ever talk myself into paying $200+ for a swimsuit. The SheIn one is obviously not a direct knockoff but for $14? It works! PLUS
not only is there a $188 difference between these suits, SheIn does 6% cash back through eBates (ps they have a new Chrome plugin that is SO HELPFUL. I don't have to remember to go through eBates, there's just a little pop-up while I shop that says "Oh hey, you can get 3% cashback if you buy something here, want to do that?" YES). I've never ordered from them but I'm tempted.\

Hope you're enjoying your summer! If you've been watching my IG stories you know we're surviving-not-thriving over here (5 more weeks until school starts!!!!!!!) but no one has murdered anyone yet so we're counting that as a success!


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  1. I so wish I had boobs that were tame enough to wear any of these lovely lovely suits! As is, maternity swim-suit tops are the most useful in containing [points to self] ALL this.



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