Freckles in April: 32

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I love my birthday so much. Yeah, it's a day to feel special and eat cake and maybe open a gift or two but I also love the chance to reflect on where I'm at in life. And every year I think, "You know...I'm doing pretty good."

I'm kind of scared to even write this down because we all know how the universe works but: I feel like I've got my shiz together. I've taken charge of my health- I'm active, I eat healthy, I take good care of myself and I feel so so good. I've put a lot of time and effort into our house and it's a really pleasant place to be. My relationships with my family are good. I have a small business I'm proud of. I feel...on top of things.

I mean, sure, I have off days (side eye at my thyroid) but I mostly feel like I'm where I always thought I'd be at 32. A decently competent adult who handles stuff and has boring adult plans (office expansion! savings plans for my kids!) and occasionally does fun things like taking my husband on surprise trips and chopping all my hair off.

For 32 all I can really wish for is more of the same. More waking up early in the quiet of a clean, sunlight-filled house. More good times with my family. More long lunches with friends. More days exploring the outdoors and eating good food and reading amazing books.

I really can't complain. Life is good. Bring it on, 32!

My skirt will be released next week but right now I've got a fun birthday deal going on for Lark. Check it out!

Pictures by Chrissy of Let Me See You Sparkle Photography, who fit me in for a suuuper last minute birthday shoot yesterday and got me my pictures just a few hours later. Girlfriend is amazeballs.

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  1. Happy birthday! When I was in my 20s everyone kept talking about how much better your 30s are and how you are more comfortable in your skin and all that and I was always like "whatever, I feel pretty good about all that". Now that I'm in my 30s I'm totally get it. It's wonderful!

  2. Congratulations, Kayla. Take it from me, also, the 30's are awesome! Great to hear how well you are doing. You've earned it. :-) Caz.

  3. Yay! Happy birthday!

  4. Enjoy your birthday! Life only gets better. And where is your cute skirt from?!?

    1. I have a small skirt company called Lark :) There's a link to the website on my header and also a link to a birthday deal I'm running for a few days in the post itself!


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