Freckles in April: Anxiety + Retail Therapy

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Anxiety + Retail Therapy

If you're anything like me you're mentally and emotionally exhausted right now. I've marched, I've called my reps, I've signed petitions. And you know what I need?

I need to look at swimsuits and think about ocean waves. My fight-or-flight response needs a break.

I probably won't buy any swimwear this year since I bought a few new ones (on clearance!) in October before we went to Hawaii but I find online window shopping soothing so here, have some swimsuits.

1. ModCloth generally has really great swimsuits but I'm not a huge fan of high-waisted bottoms on myself. They've got some good one-pieces this year though- my fav is this mesh number with that super interesting neckline and bikini-but-not vibe.

2. ASOS's swimsuit section has been a hot. freaking. mess. for the past year. Weird cutouts, crazy lacing situations, odd panels, ties (please go look at that one), and...chains? It's actually way better now than when I was looking last summer but you still have to dig. Their fuller bust stuff is generally really good (sadly, I can't wear any of it #IBTC) and you can always trust Seafolly to be adorable (and expensive). But really, the suit I love most at ASOS right now is this lace back detail maternity suit. It's so classy. If you have a baby bump this summer, please rock this.

3. Every time this Albion Fit Antigua suit pops up in my IG feed I die a little bit. See also: this striped top. So good (as are most of their suits. Just $$$).

4. I'm such a sucker for a good floral and L*Space earned me as a follower on social media based almost entirely on this suit. They had an online warehouse sale earlier this week and it was super affordable but they were sold out of my size. Sad face.

5. I had Triangl's website open in a browser tab for at least two months before we went to Hawaii last year and ultimately couldn't make myself spend the money on a bikini I wasn't sure I'd be brave enough to wear (turns out I was brave enough. I was just brave in a $5 clearance bikini from Dillards instead). I love their neoprene suits and gorgeous prints and details. I currently have 3 of them bookmarked. Someday!

6. Nani Swimwear is like 2-pieces for girls who aren't totally sure they're on board with 2-pieces. Longline tops and high-waisted bottoms with a hint of belly button. Plus it's a small business and the designer is a 17-year-old girl, which gives me total warm fuzzies. I'd like to try these tie-back bottoms.

7. Stripes + floral is probably my all-time fav pattern mixing combo and this suit from Rad Swim gets it just right. It's on sale right now too...I'd probably buy it buuut you need to be at least a B cup so it's too busty for me (I'm not joking about that #IBTC thing).

Are you even thinking about swimsuits yet? I know it's early but...escapism.


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  1. That tie swimsuit! What?!?!?! I wouldn't even understand how to put it on!

  2. I love the first one! And the fifth one!!

  3. Um, Asos tie what the hell!? No.

    These are beautiful!


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