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Friday, September 4, 2015


Parksville, Vancouver Island, Canada

I'm not a fun mom.

Germs and dirt and mess all freak me out so when my kids ask to paint or dig in the backyard or play in the nasty sand at the park I shudder and sometimes try to redirect them toward something a little cleaner. Those tutorials on Pinterest for shaving cream art and mud volcanoes and homemade bouncy balls? I've always felt a bit guilty about how fast I scroll past them. I never feel up to handling the mess.

Our roadtrip really helped me let go of that. Shout® products gave my kids the freedom to have fun and get messy, and I had peace of mind that any stains that showed up would disappear with a few sprays.

Briones Park , Martinez, CA

One of our goals for this trip was to spend a LOT of time outside together and we did just that. As soon as the car came to a complete stop my boys would jump out and yell, "Let's go 'venturing!" and they'd take off down the trail while Aaron and I were still working the kinks out of our necks and stretching our cramped legs. They climbed trees and gathered pine cones and dug in the sand. They explored trails and hugged a giant redwood and touched sea creatures.

They got filthy.

Humboldt State Park, California

For the first few days I felt that old familiar annoyance. I only brought so much clothing and I had hoped we could go a bit longer between loads of laundry. Finally I told my brain to shut it, that my boys were having the time of their lives. Filthy kids are happy kids and bathtubs were invented for a reason. Little boys are washable and so is their clothing. Shout® has proven to help parents effectively remove any and all types of stains that come their way so we could focus on having fun and NOT on making sure their clothing stayed somewhat presentable.

I brought Shout® products on this trip with me. I could treat stains on the go with Shout® Wipeslike when my boys got ketchup on their clothes at lunchtime in San Francisco, when our youngest discovered the joys of freshly picked blackberries in Oregon, or when we all tracked mud onto the van carpet in British Columbia. 

When I had laundry access, the worst stains all disappeared with just a few sprays of Shout® Trigger Triple-Acting Stain Remover. With the exception of a few new knee holes, their clothes made it home looking the same as before we left.

Trinidad, California

Which kind of makes me think- hey...I could do this all again!

Thank you to Shout® for sponsoring this post! I'm a huge fan of their products and it was a no-brainer to bring them along on our trip. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, or visit the Shout® website for product info and stain fighting tips!


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