Freckles in April: A Week of Helping to Make the World a Better Place - First Responders, Soliders and Veterans

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Week of Helping to Make the World a Better Place - First Responders, Soliders and Veterans

From our trip to Fort McHenry in June

I feel like, for me, anything related to September 11 will always be "too soon."

Like that 2010 film Remember Me with a surprisingly not wooden Robert Pattinson and the lovely Emilie de Ravin where (SPOILER) he dies in the attacks at the end. I was on board with the movie until that point and then I had to turn it off. "Too soon," I said.

Today my 2nd grader brought home an I SURVIVED book about the September 11th attacks. I shook my head, "Too soon."

But it's been 14 years. I guess, for some people, it's not too soon?

Anyway, as I've been reflecting today and seeing other people's thoughts on social media I've run across a few charities I wanted to highlight.

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation | A charity devoted to remembering fallen firefighters and providing resources to those they left behind.

Fisher House Foundation | Among other things, you can donate your airline miles to bring family members to the side of injured or ill service members.

Wounded Warrior Project | Helping wounded service members find education and employment, among other services.

Operation Gratitude | Today would be a great day to write a letter to a man or woman serving our country.

Various 9/11 Charities | A great list of charities doing good for or in behalf of those affected most by the attacks.


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  1. Yes, probably too soon. But for everyone who wasn't old enough to grasp what was happening (or wasn't born yet), books and movies are necessary to help create that collective consciousness that makes sure that it won't be forgotten. But yes, let's be very careful about how we portray it, since in so many ways it is too soon.

  2. What a great week of posts, Kayla. Thank you for this!

  3. I've really appreciated and enjoyed this week's post! Definitely made me think about what I can do to contribute to others, besides just money too. Thank you for putting these together!!


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