Freckles in April: Weekend Reads | Relationships

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekend Reads | Relationships

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At one point this week I had all of these articles opened in browser tabs at the same time and realized they had a common theme. I think being in therapy and talking frequently about my relationships (especially my marriage) has made me read a lot more of this kind of stuff. It's on my brain, you know?

What Two Religions Tell Us About the Modern Dating Crisis

This got shared ALLLLL over my various social media feeds after I first read it so you've probably seen it too. BUT in case you haven't, it's a super interesting look at how lopsided gender ratios are causing a marriage crisis for some populations and thus changing dating behaviors and even some cultural mores.

My Ex Was Raised Like Josh Duggar- And They Turned Out The Same

I'll be honest, when Josh Duggar turned up in the Ashley Madison hack I could not stop laughing. Something about it was just so perfectly ridiculous that it felt scripted. Like maybe we were being punked? Alas, he really is just a massive creep with a wife and kids who are going to bear the public shame of his sins forever.

The above article makes some really good points about how Josh is a product of the environment in which he was raised. As parents we need to make sure we allow our kids to experience healthy sexual development, regardless of religious beliefs.

Love in the Age of Big Data

Long read (took me most of the day since I never seem to have more than 3 minutes at a time to sit at my computer) but so good. I just put one of John Gottman's books on hold at the library so I can check out more of his ideas but one thing they talk about in the article really struck me- relationships are partially built on how you respond to your loved ones' "bids for connection" (9 paragraphs down, if you want to see what I mean). I'm pretty good at doing that with Aaron but I realized I SUCK at doing this with my kids since so often their bids are nonsensical or really just don't require an answer. I spent the day looking at their interactions with me in a new way and it helped me to respond differently.

The Complexity of Loving Your Neighbor

My sister is going to be giving a talk on loving your neighbor in church and she mentioned that it's a mercifully simple and noncontroversial topic. I kind of disagreed- I believer we are all on the same page with the idea of loving your neighbor but what that actually looks like can vary widely. I think that loving your neighbor can (and maybe should?) be a little uncomfortable. This article explains that idea much better than I can.

Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. I just found your blog from Everyday Reading, and each of these articles was fascinating! Thanks for pulling them all together. The intersection of culture, religion, relationships, and plain numbers is really fascinating, and as a happily married woman, interacting mostly with people who share my beliefs, these issues sometimes seem like they don't affect me. But they affect all of us, as our families build communities and those communities form societies!

  2. And now I've got a million tabs open! Thank you!


  3. I'm way behind on all things related to reading. I'm very excited to read the one about Josh Duggar. Damn it all.


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