Freckles in April: 6 Ways to Reconnect with Your Girl Friends

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

6 Ways to Reconnect with Your Girl Friends

Summertime is really rough on my friendships. We're all traveling, our kids are around all day needing stuff, and it's too hot to go anywhere anyway. By the time summer is over I often find myself wondering why I don't have any friends anymore.

The reality is that I just need to reach out and reconnect. My calendar just told me that September 20th is National Women's Friendship Day. It sounds like something Leslie Knope made up just for Ann (that elegant, tiny bus driver) but apparently it's real and it comes at the perfect time for me. Summer is just about over, everyone is home, and (for us) school has started again. It's time to reconnect with my lady friends!

From my surprise trip to New York with Janssen and Erica
Are you feeling a bit disconnected after a summer of travel and needy kids? Here are some ways you can reach out over the next month-

1. Send a quick text or email letting them know you're thinking of them
2. If they're local, drop by with a treat
3. Host a get-together! Brunch is always a good idea.
4. Meet up after the kiddos are in bed and play games or eat junk food. Or both!
5. Send an ecard
6. Reach out to someone you'd like to be friends with!

 I'm doing all of the above (for reals. I take my faux holidays very seriously).

 I'm looking forward to feeling like I have friends again. I miss my people!

How do you reconnect with your friends? Also, how do you make new friends? Does anyone else feel like friendship is weirdly harder as they get older?


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  1. I just left a super long and insightful comment. Why is it not here? It's like the straw that broke the camel's back. I may go have a good cry that it didn't post.

  2. Bleh. Oh Kayla, you beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby. I totally agree with your theory, in fact I have had that theory for quite some time. Friendships are way easier to grow when you are young, when you have 1-2 toddlers around. Then as you get older everyone has too many schedules and too many kids. You go from being able to invite three families over to hardly being able to fit one, and added awkwardness with old kids. Gwen is ten now and doesn't really like going to meet a bunch of strangers for dinner, but she is also too young to leave at home for any length of time. It's so much harder now. Also, I am reading the dumb book about aging and dying that Janssen recently reviewed and there is science to support this theory :) As we get older our priorities shift from expanding possibilities and networks to just enjoying what we've already got. This is not nearly so rambly as my first attempt, but still just as scattered. :)

  3. I always feel like the person that has to do the reaching out. I think it's just because we all have kids now who are in school and other activities. We're just busy! But over the last year I've decided I'd rather have a few, solid friendships than a bunch of superficial ones. It really has helped me to feel less like I should invite everyone over all the time! And....I also realized that I'm no longer one of the young newly married couples at church. I think I'm now firmly in the slightly older (in 19 yr old newlywed terms) with young kids camp. And I'm too dang tired to be hanging out every weekend.

  4. Uh, yeah, friendships are way hard once you have kids, I think. It's too hard to focus on all these people at once! haha
    thanks for the tips! There are a couple of gals that I've been wanting to become friends/better friends with :)

  5. keeping my circle small with a few solid friendships that I've worked hard to keep over the past three years. out to dinner or coffee once a month with these girlies is the ticket for us. plus seeing each other at church and texting all week long.

  6. I want to meet up with you and eat junk food and play games. Meet in the middle....


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