Freckles in April: Investing

Monday, August 17, 2015


Several months ago I was chatting with Madeline on Twitter about our clothing and wardrobes and she said something that made a whole lot of sense:

Pay attention to what you throw away.


I was due for a closet clean-out so as I purged things that were looking sad or that I rarely wore I made sure to pay attention to the brands. What I discovered was both enlightening and sad.

You guys, I throw away a LOT of Target clothing. Also, Old Navy, Forever 21 and random cheap brands from department stores.

It kind of makes sense, right? Those places are known for their fast fashion and not necessarily their high quality. It was heartbreaking to look at that pile on the floor because I knew that the cost per wear on those items was not spectacular and I realized it was maybe time to set limits on what I buy from those types of stores.

I did almost no shopping this summer thanks to all our travel but now that we're home I'm getting that old familiar itch. But I'm determined to turn over a new leaf and start spending my clothing budget in a more responsible way!

If there's a trend I want to jump on that I know won't be super long-lived then Target and Forever 21 all the way! But for my wardrobe basics, it's time to spend a little more money on fewer pieces with the hope that they will last me for years.

I already have a great pair of jeans that have proven well worth the investment (they're AG) but I'm collecting suggestions for just about everything else. I've heard good things about Halogen tees. What are your favorite higher quality brands? Where do you buy them? Do we have any eBay experts out there willing to share some wisdom? Is retail a better way to go?


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  1. This is really great advice - are you sure it came from me? Hahaha

    This is one reason I have basically stopped thrifting. I kept buying things that almost worked for me because they were cheap. Then I'd send them back to the thrift store a year later. The other thing that has helped me a lot is changing my expectations for a shopping trip. I used to get panicked if I didn't buy something so I would just settle on something I didn't love to make the time feel like it wasn't wasted.

    When I shop now I try really hard to consider if I *love* something. How often it would get worn, and with what. Makes a huge difference! Also just shopping a lot less has made me more cautious about my purchases.

    Good post!

  2. Once I adopted a capsule wardrobe philosophy, buying quality investment pieces became the way to go. At 40, I don't want trendy. I want classic, classy pieces that will last years and garner me loads of compliments because they fit perfectly, the fabric is luxurious, etc.

  3. I love Paige and J Crew jeans. I tend to buy high quality coats and shoes, especially. ThredUp is consignment, but I love how detailed they are in their descriptions of inseams, any flaws, and they also sell new with tags clothes (and kids stuff!) - I've ordered tons of things there and have not been disappointed (except once and that was because I didn't read the description properly). I also love Sierra Trading Post, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. I like J Crew factory because the quality is good and they sell classics for less than regular J Crew prices.

  4. My favorite jeans are by AG (as you've already discovered) and Lucky Brand, which is cheaper than premium denim but more expensive--and way better quality--than Target. For basic tees, I've had good luck with the basic V-neck by Everlane (it runs small, unlike many of their other styles; I'm a size 0/2 with a 32A/B bust, own the tee in both XS and S, and I prefer the fit of the S).

  5. I love this post! I have basics from Banana Republic that I bought YEARS ago and still wear on the regular, they have held up great and, after literally 13 years and probably 500 washings, the black long-sleeved wool-cashmere blend cardigan is only just starting to wear thin at the elbows.



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