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Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorite | Mama & Little Necklace

I haven't been able to wear jewelry for months. As soon as The Caboose sees it she's like, FOR ME? And then she attacks it. In fact, when we got back from our trip last week I'm pretty sure the only reason she warmed back up to my mom is because she was wearing a big shiny necklace.

I spent a LOT of time looking around at silicone teething jewelry because chunky jewelry isn't really my thing and I had a hard time finding one that fit my aesthetic.

This one is still bigger than I'd normally wear but we both LOVE it. I feel like it adds some polish to the blah shorts and tees I'm wearing to get through this 115 deegree heat and my strong independent woman of a baby is suddenly all into cuddling because sitting in my lap means she gets to gnaw on my necklace.

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