Freckles in April: Friday Favorite | Bedtime Math

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorite | Bedtime Math

Our boys go to an amazing elementary school that has a heavy emphasis on reading great literature. The school routinely hosts authors and has reading nights and is generally fantastic at encouraging a love of reading and writing. The "homework" for kindergarten (as well as 1st and 2nd grade so far) is 15 minutes of reading every evening, either independently or as a family. Each night the boys get ready for bed then plop on the floor next to me and we read.

Bedtime Math is their current favorite book. I'm fairly certain we got it from the grandparents a couple years ago and it has been a huge hit. Each page has a short blurb about something kids will find interesting and then 3 word problems of increasing difficulty. I love that we're getting some reading time in while also making their brains work at some math. It's such a great multi-purpose type book and my boys love it!


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