Freckles in April: 7 Parenting Hacks Using Binder Clips

Friday, August 21, 2015

7 Parenting Hacks Using Binder Clips

You know when you have something small that has been vaguely annoying you for AGES and then you see someone with a totally simple solution and you feel a bit dumb?

That's what happened for me when my sister showed up with her newborn baby boy at the beginning of July with binder clips on his car seat canopy for holding a blanket in place. I immediately went out and bought a pack and they have been solving all kinds of small problems for me ever since.

Here are 7 small ways binder clips can improve your life as a parent:

1. Blanket Holder

The canopies on car seats and strollers are helpful up to a certain point but sometimes you need more coverage. That's when you drape a blanket over, right? And it works really long as there's no wind or grabby baby hands. Use a couple binder clips to secure the blanket to the canopy and you're good to go!

2. Canopy Anchoring Device

Breaking my canopy is HILARIOUS

As soon as my babies reach a certain age they realize that they can pull down their car seat canopies and then kick the snot out of them, often breaking them. It drives me insane, especially when they pull them down to their feet and then cry because the sun is in their eyes.

Before we left on our road trip in July I used a couple binder clips to secure the canopy to the back of The Caboose's carseat. She could no longer pull it down and soon lost interest. Miracle!

3. Curtain Coraller

Our road trip was 3 weeks long and every night we were crashing in people's guest rooms and in hotels with all three of our kids sleeping wherever we could stick them. The Caboose is used to her SUPER dark room and there was one hotel in particular where the only place we could put her was right by a window with curtains that wouldn't close all the way. She woke up crazy early the first morning because a shaft of light was falling through directly onto her face. The following night I got smart and used a couple binder clips to keep the curtains tightly closed.

We also used the clips to hang a blanket over a friend's window that had sheer curtains that let in far too much early morning light for our family of night owls.

4. Bloomer Holder

I'm generally not too concerned about keeping outfits together (mix and match, I say!) but The Caboose does have a few outfits that I like to keep together. I use a binder clip to keep bloomers attached to their corresponding dresses. It fits perfectly over the hanger and keeps things together very neatly.

5. Cord Wrangling

Cords are the worst. I mean, they serve a purpose obviously but they're ugly and always in the way. It's even worse when you have a crawling baby who thinks cords look delicious.

Binder clips are great for keeping a too-long cord bundled together and out of the way.

You can also use them to keep a dangling cord up and out of baby's reach. This is the view behind our TV. The Caboose LOVED to chew those cords when they were at her eye level on the floor so I clipped them together and used a push pin to keep the whole shebang up and away from her tiny teeth.

6. Button Replacement

One of my boys somehow lost the button on his shorts while we were wandering around Seattle on our trip. I remembered another trick I learned from my sister and used a binder clip I found in the depths of my diaper bag to keep his pants together and on his skinny little bod!

7. Snack Saver

The Caboose has 6ish teeth and it takes her a LONG time to work her way through snacks. I'll often open a bag and she won't get anywhere close to finishing it. A binder clip keeps her snacks fresh and from spilling all over the inside of my diaper bag!

What are your fixes for small parenting annoyances? Let's hear 'em!


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  1. You are a GENIUS!!! I'm going out to buy these TODAY!

  2. These are brillant! Now I have a use for all of mine that have been piling up in my desk!

  3. I love the cord keeper idea! My 10 month old is into all the cords and I have try this!! I hate turning around and finding his little hands wrapped around one!


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