Freckles in April: 7 Fall Essentials with Monica from Blueprint for Style

Monday, August 31, 2015

7 Fall Essentials with Monica from Blueprint for Style

A few months ago Alt announced a collaborative effort with Blogalicious and Latina Bloggers Connect. The idea was that they would team up to connect their communities and the resulting partnerships would come up with some sort of collaborative project.

Since I'm all about expanding my community I jumped right in and got paired with Monica of Blueprint for Style, an amazing blogger and stylist from Washington DC.

My road trip put a big dent in our time to work together but we still managed to collaborate on two different projects. The first involved me picking her brain for a ton of super helpful information for a project I've started and stalled on several times. Her expertise was incredibly helpful!

For the second project we decided to come up with a list of 7 fall essentials that could work for both of us- her as a professional working in a metro area and me as a stay-at-home mom in the suburbs! Here's what we came up with:

1. A flattering skirt with a pattern or print

I've actually been on the hunt for one of these for a while! I want something that is comfortable, non restrictive, and can be worn casually with a tee-shirt and a cardigan. Also, it has to be at least knee length since I get down on the floor a lot and try really hard not to show off my underthings. I LOVE this one that Merrick sewed for herself (POCKETS)- it's great with sandals, it would work with booties, and would be darling with white sneakers. For a similar shape I'm loving this polka dot + floral option (though maybe I should just dust off my sewing machine and make myself one?).

2. Jersey throw-n-go dress

I have a couple of these that I LIVE in. This maxi one is just fine on it's own with a necklace and flats but it also dresses up with a blazer, belt, and metallic accessories.

Mine is no longer available but this one is super similar

3. Dark denim bottoms

For you this might mean a denim skirt but, for me, these AG jeans are my fall workhorse. "Fall" in Arizona isn't particularly cold so a tee and some layered necklaces are usually about as fancy as I get but since they're about the most basic building block there is, they also go well with the more traditional fall staples- sweaters, jackets, scarves, etc. You know, for those 3 days in December when it's actually chilly here.

4. Cream or white sneakers

Janssen's outfit is fall perfection. I love the easy dress, the casual jacket and those iconic white sneakers. I'm dying for a pair of Converse but I think my feet are too wide so I'm in the market for another option. They are ridiculously versatile and lend a casual vibe to just about anything!

5. Versatile layering sweater

I think this will be different for everyone, depending on taste and lifestyle. My favorite "sweaters" for layering are actually oversized waffle thermals I get from the men's section of Gap (I go for the raglan style sleeves if they've got them because it prevents that awkward droopy shoulder seam look). They're washing machine friendly and don't snag! I like mine bigger so I can wear them with leggings or tube skirts but as long as you can fit a button-down shirt underneath then a more-fitted one is great too.

6. Bad hair day hat

I'll be honest, I've been trying to find one of these for ages. It's possible that I just don't have the kind of head that looks good in a hat? BUT I WANT ONE. I find images like this one so inspiring. I want to be that girl who rocks a ball cap.

7. Fabulous button down

Grace's lightweight subtly patterned button-down is so mom-friendly. She'd given birth like 3 minutes before these pictures and she looks amazing thanks to the dark denim and a mombod friendly shirt (also, it must be said, she's just tiny. But still, you see my point). Busier patterns are great for hiding stains (like spit-up!) and it would look darling tucked into a dark pencil skirt for date night or church! For a similar option, try this chiffon blouse. I like both colorways!

Want to see Monica's take on these 7 fall essentials? Hop over to her blog, Blueprint for Style, and take a look!


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  1. You're all ahead of schedule with fall essentials when I am just finally coming up with my (mental) list of summer know, on the last day of August. Ahem.


  2. I love the style and pattern of the skirt - where is that from? And I so dig the booties from the layering sweater picture! You can be a hat girl - rock your baseball cap low and you'll be good to go...

  3. Vans are wider than chucks. I size up a half size in chucks and went with my regular size in vans and they were still plenty loose and comfy. I am dying for some printed vans because I am apparently a ten year old. The seventeen year olds working at journeys were so nice to me letting me try everything on while I had my babies all over the place.


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