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Friday, July 31, 2015

Easy Gift Idea | Color Coordinate!

I have a sweet friend who has brought me several gifts over the past couple years. Once for my birthday and other times just because she knew I needed a pick-me-up. Her gifts are always a random assortment of small, affordable items but the thing that makes her gifts so great is that she color coordinates them. I've gotten yellow, pink, and blue gifts from her and they have never failed to make my day!

I have started shamelessly copying her in my gift giving.

Pictured above is my sister's birthday gift from a few weeks ago. You can get a bunch of items like I did or, if you're on a smaller budget, 3 or 4 items of the same color grouped together still look great and pack a punch, especially if you can stick them in a colored gift bag or tie them up with a colored ribbon.

The other side of the tag says "that you're my sister!" Corny but true. I love that lady.


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  1. Great idea, Kayla. I love it!

  2. so perfectly cute. this could even work for random baby items in the same color scheme.


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