Freckles in April: 10 Things I Do for Myself During Quiet Time

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

10 Things I Do for Myself During Quiet Time

To put it mildly, being a mother to small children is a bit draining. My kids require almost ALL my time, to say nothing of my physical and mental energy. And so it is that every afternoon in our house we engage in the sacred ritual of Quiet Time. My older kids watch a little Netflix and I give the baby her binky (we love the Munchkin Latch. It was designed with pediatric dentists, which gives me some peace about her incoming tiny teeth!) and put her down for a nap.

I remember feeling a bit selfish when I required Stinky to have quiet time every day after he gave up naps. I was forcing him to spend an hour or two on the couch, not because he needed it, but because I needed it. What a jerk mom, right?

Two more children and a few more years have made me realize how important self-care is when you're a mom. I recently told Aaron that I feel like my needs are almost always dead-last. I'm the last to sit down to dinner. I'm often the last to head up to bed and the first up in the morning. I have to share everything from my sweaters to my snacks. There's very little that's just for me.

Quiet time is for me.

Here are 10 things I do for myself during quiet time to recharge my batteries and take back my sanity.

1. I blog

I do tend to wax and wane on blogging but it always pulls me back for one very good reason: it's something I do for myself. I love the creative outlet and the community and it makes me happy. Bonus: my kids can't get in here and mess everything up! It's all exactly as I left it!

2. I nap

Naps are my reset button and sometimes, in order for us to all make it through the day alive, mom needs to press that reset button.

3. I browse the internet for interesting stuff

Stay-at-home-mommyhood can be intellectually isolating and I find great value in reading cool articles or watching fun videos (many of which I share on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, by the way. Go like and follow along!). I feel like it helps keep my brain sharp, even if I spend the rest of my day breaking up fights and trying to keep the baby out of daddy's office.

4. I reach out to other moms

Sometimes this means spending an hour on gchat with Janssen and Erica or texting with my sister. I also have a great group of local girlfriends that often gets together after all our kiddos are down for the night. We leave our husbands watching over our sleeping babies and go walking or meet up at one of our houses to eat junk food and chat. That adult interaction is restorative beyond words even if I lose out on a little bit of sleep to get it.

5. I exercise

Whether it's a short yoga flow, a walk around the block, or an intense circuit workout, a little exercise goes a LONG way toward helping me feel happy and balanced. When I'm out of the habit (like now, for instance, thank you summer) I notice that I lose my cool a lot more easily and I reach the "I'M DONE!" point a lot earlier in the day.

6. I make plans for stuff

I get a lot of joy out of researching and planning. It doesn't really matter for what. Sometimes it's for a vacation. Occasionally it's for an upcoming event I'm helping to plan for the Arizona Blogger and Influencer Meetup. I have a small business idea I've been kicking around that requires some research. Having things to plan and look forward to is my idea of a good time.

7. I eat junk food

And I don't share.

8. I hang out with Aaron

My husband works from home so he's always around, though we generally try not to bug him during work hours. On occasion though, I'll plunk down in his extra office chair and we'll spent some of quiet time chatting without interruption. It's really nice to connect during the daylight hours. When Stinky was a baby and Aaron worked 30 minutes away I would sometimes call him during quiet time just for a little midday conversation with someone who could actually talk back to me.

9. I finally take a shower

During the summer I usually find myself telling my boys at noon that they should change out of their pjs only to look down and realize that I am also still in pajama pants. Quiet time is often my best chance for a shower and makeup- sometimes I even squeeze in a face mask (this one is my current fav)!

10. I spend some mindless time on social media

I'm a huge fan of social media but I try to limit my time on my phone and computer while my kids are awake so I can be more focused on them and stuff that needs to get done around the house. I have no guilt over spending all of quiet time mindlessly cycling between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes that's exactly what I need.

Do you force your kids into a little quiet time? What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself throughout the day?

Created in partnership with Munchkin because without binkies quiet time would not happen and I would be a total crazy person.


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  1. Those are some of the things we all like to do. I mostly read or write or listen to music. :)

  2. I love to shower in peace.. it's amazing!!

  3. Those were all on my list in those quiet time days- except for the husband thing. He was always at work! I also love to read and would choose that over almost anything when possible!

  4. YES! Love this list. Showering is one of my favorites since it's so relaxing and a way to escape.

  5. I love the last part! Binks are definitely needed for quiet time!! That is the truth!

  6. I generally make my kids do quiet time but lately there is so much going on and so many friends over we don't always have time for it. Also, tell me about that mask.

  7. My little one is just one month old today and quiet time for myself is a definite must!

  8. #1, 2, 7, and 10!! For sure! :) Also, I fold laundry.

  9. how CUTE is your blog <3 I love this space!! And I love that you are also a cheerleader for naps! :D

  10. oh I really like this! because I feel the same way and I only have one baby. when she takes a nap all I want to do is watch tv, but I have so many things that need to be done. kiiiiids! am I right?! (:

  11. My problem is being productive during her sleep time 😆. And we have almost that exact same lovely but in pink

  12. I LOVE naptime and am very protective of it, for my own sanity more than my son's!! It's taken me awhile to be ok with saying that.

  13. Quiet time is a rare and precious commodity around these parts! I usually blog in whatever free time I can get too!

  14. I personally don't have children of the human kind - just the ones with fur and four legs - but I commend you for taking some time for yourself everyday! Good for you! It's so important to take care of yourself so you're able to be the best mom you can be. I think you have great ways to spend your quiet time, too.

  15. I think its great that your taking the time for yourself! Never feel bad about it!!

  16. I'm pretty sure I do 99% of this stuff when the baby naps too! My favorite is that you meet up with other moms after bedtime, that's the best idea ever!

  17. oh yes to quiet time. youngest one still sleeps for 2-2.5 hours and bigger one is expected to stay in the playroom and read, color, play, dream, imagine to his heart's content. and he does, and he needs it as much as i do.

  18. LOVE planning things! Happiness is an upcoming trip. And yes, quiet time is necessary, daily. I'm pulling my hair out this summer, but things will quiet down once Daddy and Big Brother are back in school! Then "all" I have at home is me and a preschooler and a toddler (and hopefully a bun in the oven soon). Deep breaths!!

  19. I don't have kiddos, but I give myself quiet time every single day. I need it to recharge! I work in a regular office and I always ALWAYS take a one-hour lunch, and I spend that hour eating lunch but also reading whatever book I'm currently obsessed with. It's a fantastic way for me to step away from work brain and re-engage the other parts of my brain. :)



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