Freckles in April: The Swimsuit Report

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Swimsuit Report

I have returned and I am here to report on how my swimsuits performed at the pools and beaches of the Bahamas!

1. Roxy Wetsuit One Piece

Overall I love this suit but wanted to discuss the pros and cons because I know a lot of people were intrigued by the neoprene suit idea. One of the things I loved is that it totally acts like a wetsuit. You know that awful moment when chilly water hits that one spot on your belly and you want to die a little bit? Doesn't happen in this suit! You're all insulated!

Also, it's quite spanxy and I felt like it was pretty flattering to my post partum lumps and bumps.

The one downside is that water doesn't flow through the suit very well, which means that the cutout becomes a bit dangerous. I tried swimming a few laps in my parents pool before we left and the water tugged hard on the top of my suit. I had to adjust frequently to make sure I didn't flash anyone! It was much less of a problem when I was just floating in the ocean and going down water slides but it's something to be aware of if you're actively swimming or diving in. Also, it meant that any water that got into my suit didn't really want to get back OUT again. When I got out of the water I always had to pretend like I was adjusting the leg so accumulated water could pour out. I kind of wonder if sizing down would have helped with that though. I was in-between sizes and went up instead of down. A tighter fit might have helped prevent me from turning into a walking water balloon.

Overall, though, I thought it was a totally worthwhile purchase.

[Other neoprene one-piece options which do NOT have cutouts. Because boob safety // 1 // 2 // 3 ]

2. The Wal Mart Suit

Yup, right after posting about it I went out and bought one. I didn't have time to order it so I scoured two local stores the day before we left and finally found one in my size. Or...what I THOUGHT was my size. I bought it and tried it on at home. It fit...mostly. It was a little big in the bust but that's kind of normal for me so I ignored it. When I finally got it in the water, though, it became apparent that I should have sized down. Despite the fact that it was a smidge too big, I'm actually a HUGE fan of this suit. Somehow it didn't make it into any pictures but it's super flattering and comfortable. I'm passing this one along to my sister who JUST had a baby because I think it'll be fantastic for her this summer.

3. The Roxy Rashguard

I've had this rashguard top for years and it's starting to show its age just a bit (especially after I crammed my huge belly into it last summer) but I'm making it last through one more summer. It's fantastic. I wear a cheap bikini top underneath (not pictured) and it keeps my shoulders protected from the sun.

[Mine is no longer available but here are some similar short-sleeved options // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 ]

4. The Athleta Bikini

I know not everyone is comfortable in bikinis but I really love this one. It's SUPER secure and I feel like I can jump and swim and play in the water with my kids without even the slightest possibility of flashing too much of my upper bits. I was a bit wobbly in the belly area but eh.

Last summer with The Caboose on the INSIDE....

This summer with The Caboose on the OUTSIDE

I did a body slide race with Stinky and it didn't even budge. It's a fantastic top and I think you can generally trust Athleta's suits to stay put.

One suit I ordered that didn't ship in time for my trip was this tankini from Lime Ricki. You guys, it is so. flipping. cute. in person and the only decent tankini I've seen so far this year since one pieces are having a moment and that seems to be where companies are focusing their design talent. I'm a huge tankini fan (all the coverage of a one piece with the bathroom convenience of a bikini) but I had worn my old ones to shreds. I haven't worn it in the water yet but it fits well and I love the look!

What are your fav swimsuits to take on vacation? Do you go for beauty or function or have you found a magical swimsuit that covers both?

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  1. I missed your earlier post on the Walmart suit, but I've actually had my eye on that one anyway! So seeing you call it cute makes me feel better about it because I'm generally not 100% confident when it comes to my clothing choices :-) Do you mind me asking what size you ordered? And in your stylish opinion, which print is cuter--I'm torn between the floral and the palm trees.

    1. I ordered a medium but I definitely should have gotten a small! You're pretty bitty so I'd definitely go with a small. And I am honestly super torn between the floral and the palm tree print. I debated ordering myself a new one and finally was like, "Ok, I don't actually NEED another swimsuit" and finally just let it go. They're both great! I think the floral is a bit more on-trend this year but you can never go wrong with a blue and white print. They're both fairly classic!

  2. Blergh. Swimming suits give me anxiety. Thank you for the recap of cute suits!!


  3. Victoria's Secret are my fave bikinis as they are well-made (don't go to shreds after sitting on pool sides, swimming in the ocean, sitting in hot tubs), stay on and don't stretch out, and can usually be found for VERY cheap on sale! I don't do Old Navy anymore because they stretch out so you can't swim in them. Target is not bad. I had a Roxy suit for a long time that was my go-to for swimming or water sports that I got on sale. I wouldn't mind another one of those but I don't like shopping at stores that sell them anymore!

  4. I'm loving the Walmart one! We are going on a week long cruise at the end of July and I forsee lots of water time. I've had such a hard time finding a new suit that was in stock in my size. (I wear a small) I ended up piecing something together with athleta shorts, and a tube top ( and bikini top (target) that are in the same color scheme of black/white/mint green. I love it! I do have 2 older suits that I make work when needed but don't love and tolerate the way they fit. Big fashion no no, I'm learning! How many swim suits do you recommend for a trip? I need a traveler's advice!


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