Freckles in April: Let's Talk About Podcasts...Again

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Let's Talk About Podcasts...Again

A few weeks ago I posted about my newfound love of podcasts and got the most comments I've gotten on a post in a loooong time. You guys love podcasts too, which just goes to show that you are all my people and we should hang out.

I'm still slooowly working my way through all the recommendations (my goal is to listen to at least one episode from each) but I wanted to share the list here since I know people are starting to go on their summer vacations and whatnot and podcasts are an awesome way to make it through a long flight or car trip. I've put an asterisk by the ones I've listened to thus far and a tilde by the ones I downloaded in hopes of listening to them this week on our first trip:

Science Friday*
WTF with Marc Maron*
Stuff You Missed in History Class*
Bon Appetit Foodcast~
Start Up~
KUER Radiowest
Planet Money
Ask Me Another~
A Way with Words*
The Splendid Table*
The Moth
Death Sex & Money
Stuff Mom Never Told You
Mormon Stories*
Infants on Thrones*
FMH Year of Polygamy*
Freakonomics Radio
The Lively Show
NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour
NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me*
Gilmore Guys
Stuff Mom Never Told You
Call Your Girlfriend*
The Read Aloud Revival
Spilled Milk
America's Test Kitchen
The Bugle
A Conversation About A Conversation About Race~
Mom and Dad are Fighting

If you were a fan of Serial you neeeeed to start listening to Undisclosed. At first you'll be like, "Wow, we're still talking about this?" But then they start throwing stuff at you and your mind will be blown and you'll probably feel pretty confident as far as whether or not Adnan is guilty.

I've also discovered Awesome Etiquette (by two of Emily Post's descendants). We love discussing etiquette at our house (note that this does NOT mean we are particularly polite. Four out of five members of this family have farted at the dinner table in the past month) and I sent an email a couple weeks ago that they ended up reading on a recent episode. I made it onto a podcast! All my dreams!

Episode 35, about 12ish minutes from the end if you're interested.

This is posting while I'm in the Bahamas so hopefully my darling children will have let me knock out a few more from the above list during our 7+ hours of flight time!


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  1. Spilled milk is soooooooo good. Can't wait to listen to more on this list. I love podcasts because I can be useful and mop or drive or fold laundry while I listen. I painted half my house listening to spilled milk and sorta awesome and I felt pumped up the whole time instead of guilty for wasting time on the computer!

  2. I'm just digging into podcasts so your last post was a great reference for me, and this one will be a keeper as well - thank you! I'm currently listening to Happier on my runs (Gretchen Rubin and her sister's podcast), and it's great. Definitely one to check out if you like her books.

  3. I am kind of on the fence about podcasts. I listened to a bunch on a recent (20+ hour) road trip and while they were interesting and all....I almost would prefer being able to read a printed article in less time and without the annoying podcaster personality.

    Also, I have never liked talk books? Love. But people spouting their own opinions kind of gives me that's my podcast problem? I dunno. I also don't like the little music ditties inbetween segments, and I don't like the "produced and put together by" stuff, and I don't like watching funny YouTube clips and I don't like maybe this is all evidence that podcasts may not be my jam....? Who knows.


  4. Do you need more recs?? OF COURSE YOU DO. Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin. It just is awesome to hear Jack Donaghy's voice interview celebrities. And the Allusionist (I know you like language since you're a writer). Both are top notch.

  5. I have a podcast blog post that I need to finish writing, because even though I'm a podcast newbie, I'm obsessed with them! I love, love, loved Serial and I just finished Invisibilia a couple months ago. It was really good too. One that I'm hooked on right now is Happier with Gretchen Rubin. It's only 30 min long so it's super easy to just pop it on any time I'm in the car. Thanks for the podcast recommendations! I'm adding several of these to my listen list.

    Katie @ Freckled Latte


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