Freckles in April: Fortune Favors the unBirthday Girl

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fortune Favors the unBirthday Girl

For my 30th birthday I decided I wanted to go to Disneyland without kids. I love those little monsters but I really needed a break. The timing didn't work out for me to go until this past weekend so it was a rather belated birthday gift to myself.

I left Thursday evening. My friend Elisa teaches elementary school in Alaska but she's visiting her mom in Phoenix for the summer so I picked her up on my way over to California. My uncle lives in LA but was going to be out of town so he offered his place for us to crash for the 3 nights we were there.

Fortunate occurrence number 1: During the drive I warned Elisa that the parking situation around my uncle's apartment is abysmal and we would probably end up getting in after midnight and then having to park 17 blocks away and hike over. When we arrived at almost 1am, however, there was a spot about 20 steps from his door. We kept reading the signs to make sure my van wouldn't get towed but, sure enough, it was legal to park there.

The next night that EXACT SAME SPOT was open at midnight as we rolled in after our first day at Disney. Even on the third night we only had to park around the corner. We've been visiting my uncle in that same apartment for YEARS and that has literally never happened.

Fortunate occurrence number 2: Since we went on a summer weekend the parks were predictably crowded. We decided to do the single rider line for Indiana Jones to avoid waiting 50+ minutes. We got through in under 10 minutes and somehow still managed to sit together.

These cost $23. I'll let you figure out whether or not I bought them.

Fortunate occurrence number 3: Day two was a Saturday and we could tell just from the traffic getting into the parking garage that it was going to be crazy. The lines to get on the shuttle were long. The lines to get through security were insane. When we finally got through to the park gates I opened my backpack to get my wallet...and it wasn't there.

That morning I had pulled some souvenirs for my kids out of my backpack and I realized I must have pulled my wallet out as well and not put it back in. I was devastated. Katie had flown in the evening before and I was having visions of sending her and Elisa in to start their day while I drove the hour back to Hollywood, then an hour back to Disneyland, then back through all those massive lines...

Elisa suggested we file a lost and found report, just in case. And maybe, since we had been there the day before, they would have my information on file and could issue me a new ticket. I felt silly filing a report for something I suspected was on the dresser in my uncle's room but I did it. The lost and found guy was fantastic. He took the report and issued me a new ticket so I could at least get in to the parks. Elisa said she'd spot me any money I needed and very quickly our day was back on track.

Less than two hours later I had a voicemail from Disneyland. THEY FOUND MY WALLET. I somehow managed to lose it at Disneyland the previous evening and someone turned it in.

We went back to the lost and found office and I did a quick check- everything was still there. Not a single thing was missing.

A very merry (un)birthday to me!


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  1. This is awesome. And I cannot believe someone turned in your wallet unmolested!! Yay!


  2. Wow, those are awesome! L.A. parking sucks so the parking fairy must have been watching over you that weekend. And thank goodness for your wallet and kind people!!!!

  3. Disney magic working at its finest.


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