Freckles in April: DIY Paneled Pencil Skirt

Friday, June 19, 2015

DIY Paneled Pencil Skirt

I've done very little sewing for myself over the past couple years. Between pregnancy, moving, and having a tiny baby around I just haven't had the motivation! Life (and my waistline) finally seem to be settling though so when I found this kelly green linen at SAS I knew something for myself was in order. It had been a while since I used my favorite pencil skirt pattern* so I dug it up and got cutting (and then re-cutting when I realized my hips are like 2 inches wider than they were a few years ago. Ahem).

The whole thing came together beautifully. If I were to do it again I probably wouldn't use linen (it's a little too wrinkle-prone for a skirt with this kind of detail) but it was sure nice to sew with. I used white satin as my lining, which I always love for the slippy-slidey factor.

I spent over an hour trying to make a pretty Illustrator graphic for how to make this skirt front but came away hating everything and thinking that Illustrator is the stupidest program ever. Then I spent 10 minutes drawing you this diagram using pencil and paper.

Old school forever.

You'll need a pencil skirt pattern of some sort. I'd imagine this would also work fairly well with jersey, if you're wanting more of a stretchy tube skirt kind of deal (aaand now that I've typed that, I really want to make one). You'll just be messing with the front pattern piece.

Click to enlarge any of these. I know my writing can be hard to read! Also, on the last bit I forgot to explain that you repeat with each panel- sandwich a folded strip between the center piece and a side panel piece, stitch, then open and press. Start with the lower panels and then do the uppers.

Once your front piece is all assembled you can finish the skirt assembly according to your pattern. I totally recommend this tutorial for inserting a zipper with a facing or lining!

I had a gold zipper in mind but all I had on hand was this turquoise one. I don't hate it. Thanks to Photography Hill for capturing my backside in such a lovely fashion.

*I just clicked over to the original tutorial for the first time in yeeears and apparently it's no longer there. This tutorial looks promising, however. You can always use a store-bought pattern or try Googling "pencil skirt block" and see what you find. To make a lining I use the same pattern in my lining fabric (minus any embellishments). Basically, you're making the same skirt twice then putting them together at the waistline and zipper then hemming them together.

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