Freckles in April: The Great Swimsuit Hunt of 2015

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Great Swimsuit Hunt of 2015

This has been by far the most annoying swimsuit shopping season I've ever had. I probably just need to accept that baby #3 might have permanently altered my body and make my peace!

Here were my final contestants:

Shop Bop | The floral! That ribbing! If I ever catch this one on sale....
Target | I tried it on in the store and was really happy with the way it hid my extra belly mush and gave me some semblance of a shape. Plus I'm always a big fan of B&W prints! I still might go back and get it, actually. We'll see if I can squeeze back into ANY of my old suits before we go on our trip...
Amazon | I loved the sporty cut and was intrigued by the idea of a neoprene swimsuit. I had a gift card so I ordered it and it's a winner! The neoprene is thicker than traditional swimsuit material and really forgiving of my lumps and bumps (I also really liked the print on this one but suspected the neckline wouldn't be flattering on me). We'll see how the suit performs in the water but I can totally get behind neoprene swimsuits!

Bring it, summer.


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  1. Those suits are all so cute! I really like the one you chose and I think you should go back and get the b&w Target one before it's gone. :)

  2. Neoprene is all over the place right now!! I've been curious about it. I went swimsuit shopping last weekend, and with recent changes I've made (you know), IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN USUAL. Now if only the beaches around here weren't like 40 degrees, you know?


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