Freckles in April: It's Ok to Let People Go

Saturday, May 9, 2015

It's Ok to Let People Go

A self-indulgent walk down memory lane in honor of my 30th birthday with a daily picture from each year of my life and a lesson I've learned somewhere along the way.


I've had friendships that were perfectly fine and functional but just got hard due to distance or mutual busy-ness or whatever. We've stopped calling each other regularly. It's ok. People grow apart. It happens to everyone.

You should let toxic people go. Let them be someone else's problem.


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  1. yup. i'm realizing that as i get older, i can't handle b.s. as much or maybe i'm getting more crochety. i'm becoming more selective about who i want to include in my social circle and not apologizing for it.

  2. I always struggle with this, but I've gotten much better at the toxic ones. It's the ones you can only blame on time/distance/whatever that are harder! I hate thinking about people I used to be BFFs with that I have nothing to talk about with anymore. Work in progress...


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