Freckles in April: Buy Only Things You REALLY Love

Monday, May 18, 2015

Buy Only Things You REALLY Love

A self-indulgent walk down memory lane in honor of my 30th birthday with a daily picture from each year of my life and a lesson I've learned somewhere along the way.


A few years ago before heading out on a shopping expedition I told myself, "You are only allowed to buy something if you REALLY FREAKING LOVE IT." I had a closet full of things I felt so-so about and it was super frustrating. I made it home from that shopping trip with a single top but that top has seen a LOT of wear since then and I still love it.

It can be really easy to talk yourself into buying something because it's trendy or a color you don't own much of or because it will go really well with that one skirt you don't wear very often because you don't have a top to go with it. BUT if you don't love it...don't buy it.


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  1. Amen. Also, "Wow! This is cool!" Is not an acceptable reason for ANYTHING to come into my home anymore.


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