Freckles in April: Things I'm Good At

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Things I'm Good At

A couple months ago Janssen posted a few things she's good at. I started this post the next day and then walked away because apparently "sitting down and finishing blog posts" is a thing that I am NOT good at (you should see my drafts list. It's crazy right now).

Anyway, to give myself a little pat on the back today, here are a few things I'm good at:

1. Flossing. The last line in Janssen's post had me going, "Hey! I AM really good at flossing!" And oral hygiene in general. I floss, brush, and wear my retainers religiously. My dentist loves me.

2. Being adventurous with my hair. I have a sort of "eh, it'll grow out/back" attitude when it comes to my hair. I was showing my new stylist pics of my past haircuts and colors back in January and she said, "Wow, you're adventurous!" And I was like, "Hey! I guess I am!"

3. Making dinner. I went into marriage barely knowing how to boil water and now I'm a fairly confident cook who makes dinner 4-6 times a week. Like, with vegetables and side dishes and everything!

4. Being on time. I pride myself on my punctuality. If I'm running a few minutes behind I'm really good about texting and giving a time estimate for when I'll arrive. Once I was picking a friend up for something and her husband commented, "Kayla's late! She's never late!" My friend responded, "She texted and said she was running 5 minutes behind." He was halfway through saying, "Five minutes late would be right NOW." when I rang the doorbell. It's a gift.

5. Inviting. I have a friend from my last neighborhood who was always inviting people over for dinner or out to do stuff (she reads my blog sometimes...hi Jenny!) and I was always so impressed by that. Over the past few years I've tried to follow her example and be an inviter. I've gotten pretty good at it- we have people over regularly and whenever I'm taking my kids somewhere I try to text and invite a few people who I think might enjoy coming. On Monday we had a bunch of friends over for ice cream sundaes in our driveway and my neighbor said, "You're so good at inviting people to do stuff!" Success!!

6. I'm a very efficient driver. I usually know the best route (or I'll take the time to look it up) and like to spend a few minutes plotting my course if I have multiple errands so I don't have to backtrack. I also know how to use a traffic circle and I'm always in the correct lane way ahead of time.

What are YOU good at?


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  1. I love this! I also wrote a "Things I'm Good At" post a while back (and am too lazy to go look it up now), I am super impressed by the punctuality thing. Mr. Blue Eyes is that way, he can tell me almost to the minute when he will finish X, Y, or Z thing/drive/whatever. He'll have 6 hours of driving ahead of him including needing to stop for gas, snacks, etc, and he'll let me know that he'll be home at 8:25 and walk in the door at 8:24. It''s baffling to me. I brain doesn't work that way. I'll be somewhere when I say I will, but the estimating thing is lost on me.

    Also, the inviting thing...I want to be that person, and in some ways I am, but it's certainly something I'd like to improve.


  2. I love this post so much! I remember loving Janssen's too.

    I'll echo one of Janssen's - I'm a really speedy typist. People always comment on it when they come into my office. I'm also really good at typing and talking to someone without losing my train of thought. This transfers to my organ/piano skills and makes it easy for people to talk to me while I'm playing prelude/postlude music at church.

    In that same vein, I am really good at sight-reading music. I can't memorize to save my life, but sight-reading has turned out to be a much more useful skill.

    I'm a really fast reader and I have great comprehension. I think this is the single personal characteristic that kept me from completely losing my mind in graduate school. I could get through most of the course materials quickly enough to maintain some semblance of a life outside of academia. It's serving me well as a new professor, too.

    I make really good gravy from scratch. It's never lumpy, it always tastes awesome, and I frequently tell my husband, "You know, you're lucky your wife makes such delicious gravy".

    Thanks for bragging on yourself so that I can brag on myself!

    1. I think it is so awesome you can make good gravy! Things with few ingredients for some reason are so hard for me! Gravy, frosting…I'm the worst at those!

  3. I'm impressed! A lot of your skills are not something I'm good at (being on time, adventurous hair, inviting people to things) but wish I was.

    Well, since you asked, I am also good at starting drafts of blog posts and not finishing them! I'm pretty good at hula hooping, painting around trim in a room (too good - I usually get recruited for that tedious job!), and texting people back. Not a very impressive list, so hopefully I'm just being modest. ;)

  4. Remember how you had us over for dinner the night we arrived in Arizona? you are awesome.

  5. This is totally unrelated... but did you ever mention that you love watching Korean Dramas? If not, yikes. If so, have you seen Miss Granny on Netflix? (I think that's what it's called.) too cute!

  6. I make my bed religiously and am a booboo fixer for my daughter!

  7. I make my bed religiously and am a booboo fixer for my daughter!

  8. Oh I love this! Your red hair with the bangs is yessssss. I admire the adventurous spirit and can definitely relate to it. Now I want pink hair. Anyway, I like the inviting one. I used to be really good at that but I think I've gotten more solitary in my adult I'll just go to a movie alone on a Sunday afternoon when I could have totally invited someone along. New goal!!


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