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Friday, March 13, 2015

Links I Love

I LOVE vocabulary words (Aaron and I introduce a few new vocabulary words to our kids each week over dinner and now our kids love vocab too. It's awesome). This post from Buzzfeed about the most beautiful words in the English language gave me all the warm fuzzies. Plus a good list of new words to introduce to my kids!

A couple months ago Aaron and I had a conversation about whether or not we believe in a literal Adam and Even. I don't, but I honestly don't think it had ever occurred to Aaron to wonder. It led to a conversation about how I need evidence and Aaron needs faith and how that goes to the very root of our religious differences. I saw this article, How Critical Thinkers Lose Their Faith in God and thought, "Bingo!" I like how the article doesn't really make any value judgments; they're both valid ways of thinking.

*Language warning like whoa* I debated even sharing this due to the excessive number of f-bombs. But for those who don't particularly mind language, I thought this post on The Subtle Art of Not Giving a **** was fantastic. It's about giving our time and energy to the things that really matter and ignoring the things that don't and he has some great (expletive-filled) points.

If you happen to have a few spare million bucks laying around (like...40ish) the house that inspired Pride and Prejudice is for sale. I desperately want someone to buy this and turn it into some kind of B&B so I can come visit.

You guys. Janssen pushed out a 10+ pound baby with no epidural. As someone who rolls up to the hospital dilated to a one and whining about the pain, I am sort of boggled by that.

I've watched this little girl playing on an ice puddle like 18 times. I snort laughed my nursing baby awake about 17 of those times.

Happy weekend!


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  1. Man, that was a crazy day. Natural births are for people way more impressive than me.

  2. You know I love that profane post. I sent that to like 7 people after you sent it to me. That kid and his blue hat....

  3. Interesting religion article. I tend to think critically/analytically - but in my faith, that's always been fostered by the pastors in my religious tradition. I feel more rooted and secure in it. The dual stories of creation and Noah's ark (and other bible stories- especially the gospel) are especially fascinating to ponder.


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