Freckles in April: International Day of Happiness

Friday, March 20, 2015

International Day of Happiness

The Twitterverse has just informed me that today is the International Day of Happiness. You can be sad the rest of the days but NOT TODAY PEOPLE!

So here are 5 things that make me happy:

1. Google.

I'm the sort of person who needs to know things and I need to know them RIGHT NOW. The ability to Google any time and anywhere is one of my life's greatest pleasures.

2. Babies.

Caboose with Grandma

I am a baby person. I get babies. Babies like me. Babies don't sass and they are generally on board with snuggling. Bring me ALL the babies!!

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


I've been singing the theme song nonstop for 2 weeks now.

4. This.


5. Memes

My brother-in-law said "totes magotes" once and now I send him memes like this from time to time and I probably think it's WAY funnier than he does.

I have seen the words "boughten" and "pressidure" (procedure), and "firstable" (first of all) used on FB in the past week. I'm not a huge jerk so I didn't actually post this meme but its existence makes me happy.

Bonus 6. Cookie Butter.

I've been dipping chocolate chips in it because fitting back into my clothing is overrated.

What makes you happy??

(and if you want to share your fav memes I won't be mad)

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  1. COOKIE BUTTER! Instant happiness.

  2. Hahahahaha totes magotes!! Happy day.

  3. FEmales are strong as hell!

  4. Ah, Kimmy Schmidt! I saw you use #hashbrownnofilter on Instagram and had no idea what it was - until a few days later, when I got to that episode. HILARIOUS. Also: "Troll the respawn, Jeremy" - HA. :)

  5. These made me laugh recently:

  6. Yes to Fat Amy memes. Yes to cookie butter, particularly after a pressidure,

  7. Chocolate chip and cookie butter?!?!?! GET IN MAH BELLY!

    Google is my love language, and Totes Magotes is freaking hilarious. I shall incorporate into my vernacular.


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