Freckles in April: A Winter Meal Plan

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Winter Meal Plan

Chicken Tikka Pizza from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

I've been thinking for AGES that I need to have seasonal pre-planned meal ideas complete with shopping lists all typed out so I can just grab one on my way out the door rather than spending an hour or two each week poring over my cookbooks and Pinterest boards.

Lately I've really been trying to streamline and simplify my life (I'm so very tired, people. I need my energy for showering) so I finally sat down and got started on several weeks worth of meal plans. Because I'm all about making your life easier too I'm going to periodically share my meal plans and shopping lists here on ye olde neglected blog.

You can find my first week available right here. It's nothing fancy but having it ready made my life SO easy last week! I only planned out 4 meals because I like being able to add in something new I've found (or just do a spaghetti night and make my life easy). We almost always have a leftover night each week and we tend to go out or eat with friends one night so having 4 meals planned out is just about perfect for us.

I print out the shopping list, cross out the stuff I've already got, add anything else I need (like milk and cereal) and that's it! So. much. faster.



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  1. I really need to get better at meal planning.


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