Freckles in April: Taking Out the Crack Den

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Taking Out the Crack Den

When we moved into this house I was 7 weeks pregnant and deathly ill. By the time I wasn't throwing up anymore I was huge and then when I wasn't huge anymore I had a newborn and a fresh belly incision and wasn't sleeping. So here we are, a year in and I'm only just barely starting to look around and go, "Hm I should think about hanging that picture and painting that wall and unpacking that box..."

The master bedroom was the very worst. Before we moved in we painted the common areas and Aaron's office but left the bedrooms alone. We were feeling kind of poor and didn't want to pay to paint anything else! Since I knew we would eventually paint our bedroom I dragged my feet on unpacking our books and putting them in the bookcase. So they sat on our floor. For a year. And also I didn't have a bed side table anymore so my crap sat on the floor. For a year.

It got so bad in there that Aaron started referring to our room as "the crack den." I'd always respond, "It's not THAT bad!" but it actually kind of was. As proof, I present the world's more embarrassing Before pictures.

Aaron kept waking up with back pain so he set up a bed on the floor. So it was even MESSIER than usual. Ughhhh I can't believe I'm showing you these.

The crazy thing is that our room is actually HUGE but we had totally forgotten thanks to all the space taken up by boxes and piles of books. Simply cleaning up all the crap made a big difference (surprise! It's not like I say that to my kids every day or anything...).

So then I painted. Including our ceiling because, for some unfathomable reason, the ceilings were the same awful tan as the walls. WHY.

I can now officially say that painting ceilings is my least favorite thing ever ever ever. It took like 8 hours over two days and covered me in paint. I looked like I had some sort of weird white spotty disease. The next morning I was still finding flecks of paint on my EYEBALLS.

Aaron pitched in on day two to get the walls painted. We just used leftover paint from the rest of the house (Silver Birch from Behr) because A. we love the color and B. we have 3 buckets of it in the garage aka freeeee.

The next morning our room was so bright that I thought The Caboose had slept in super late. But nope! Just our room not being a dark cave-like crack den anymore.

The improvement was SO drastic that part of me was like, "Eh, just leave it here." Buuut I couldn't.

Next up: She's a brick...hoooouse.


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  1. Lovely! When we bought our house everything was about 20 different colors (in 1500 sf) - we painted everything a warm gray. At first it felt a little boring, making that decision - and then everything felt brighter! It's so glorious. At the very least, it's a blank slate. And I agree- who paints ceilings?!?! I have to paint ours downstairs and I've been avoiding it like the plague.

  2. Such a huge difference!!! My house has had all yellow-tan walls and ceiling for years, and I'm finally slowly getting around to painting it, and my go-to is white ceiling and pale gray walls. Soooo much better!!!

    Can't wait to see what happens next!


  3. It looks AMAZING. Paint has a way of doing that. Nice work.


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