Freckles in April: Ways in Which I am a Total Crazy Person Lately

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ways in Which I am a Total Crazy Person Lately

Having a baby makes you a leeetle bit crazy. Hormones plus lack of sleep plus that insanely addictive newborn smell- it's a potent combo.

We're done having kids but as I sat in the hospital I was overwhelmed with baby hunger. WHILE I HELD MY NEW BABY. I remember getting that feeling with Baby 2 as well. I spent the first couple months nursing my tiny new child while simultaneously telling Aaron WE NEED TO HAVE ANOTHER ONE RIGHT NOW. Mercifully, my sanity returned before my fertility did and there's a 4 1/2 year gap between Baby 2 and the Caboose. The wave seems to be passing even more quickly this time around as I remember what it's like to not sleep ever.

The grandparents were all over a few weeks ago and played pass the baby for a couple hours. I was always in the same room but when I finally got her back to feed her I realized, Holy crap, I MISSED you! Apparently it's possible to miss my baby even when we haven't actually been apart.

The other night Aaron offered to give the baby her supplementary bottle after I nursed her.

Me: Oh! That means I can go to bed right now and get two full hours of sleep in before she needs to be fed again!
Aaron: ....two full hours?
Me: Sadly, that's me dreaming big.

On the plus side, I FINALLY finished her nursery! Pictures forthcoming. Because I know you are dying of anticipation.

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  1. Oh she is so darling. The first time I got out on a date night with my husband after having a baby, all we did was talk about her and watch videos of her on our phones and smell our shirts to see if any lingering baby smell was on it. It was pathetic. The struggle is real.

  2. I feel ya. My sister in law got pregnant right after my girl was born, and I was like "Ooo! I should get pregnant right away so our kids will be the same age!" ... maybe let the kid start rolling before thinking about anything like that! ;)

  3. Such a cutie!!! Also: isn't pass the baby the best? Everyone is happy - the grandparents because they get to hold the baby, and you, because you get to chill out. :)

  4. Congrats on the beautiful little baby. I had the same feelings after my last one was born. I was in the hospital and thinking, "I could do this again, let's have another one!" Craziness. ~Marily

  5. Oh my goodness Kayla - that first month of a baby's life does NOT mess around! I always heard it was a doozy but was never worried because I never get PMS and don't consider myself particularly emotional. EXCEPT when I have a newborn!!! Holy hard life!! It's intense. This is to say, I'm thinking of you and go easy on yourself and your crazy.


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