Freckles in April: The Nursery is DONE!

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Nursery is DONE!

The Caboose turned one month old on Friday and I celebrated by fiiiinally finishing her room (well, I'm still messing with art but it's close enough)! Just in time too, since she started sleeping in there this week.

I did the best I could with taking pictures...I've said this before but this room is DARK! Some of these exposures were 3+ seconds long and only possible with a tripod. When you're actually in there, though, the dark blue paint helps it feel cozy and the white paneling bounces a lot of light around to keep it from feeling cave-like. It's a good balance.

 Just a reminder of what it looked like before:

And now:

I had something different above her crib for ages but it never clicked. This zebra print from Ikea is a much better fit since there isn't a lot of tiny detail to get lost behind the chandelier.

The capiz chandelier makes a wonderful little tinkling sound when the fan is on and is my absolute favorite thing in the room.

It took me a weirdly long time to find a garbage can for her room. This one was on clearance (my love language) at Target. The wave painting (by my mother-in-law!) is temporary-ish. Whenever I get around to doing my own bedroom I want it in there but, for now, I can enjoy it above the changing table. Eventually I'd like to put something more textural up there- a banner? A quilt? Or maybe we can put her own drawings up there when she gets a bit older.

I've already talked about the dresser's fantastic. It's probably a little too tall for some people to use as a changing table but it's just the right height for me. For a while the baby was sleeping in our room and I was changing her on our floor. Moving to her room and changing her bum on the changing pad is about a million times easier on my back and still-sore post-partum bod.

This is my late night nursing spot. I got the rocking chair on Craigslist for cheap. The lamp is one we've had for ages and has a dimmer switch, which is invaluable. I DIY'd my boppy cover and the pouf (which is looking a little sad these days. It needs a bit more stuffing and a general fluffing now that Baby 2 has been leaping onto it every time he comes in the room). The basket on the right is another Target clearance find and holds the few baby toys I have left over from when my boys were tiny.

OH that wall. I went through 18 different configurations for making a gallery wall with those pictures and finally got fed up and leaned them against the wall to come back to later. As it turned out, I way preferred the look of them leaning and overlapping. So I picked up a picture ledge from Ikea stuck them up there. I still mess with it every time I go in there and I just ordered a different print to replace the one on the far left, but it's coming together.

The other wall houses the closet and this mirror I bought from PB Kids when Stinky was a baby. Caboose's sweet little lamb towel hangs on the hook.

I still dream of the day when this carpet will go away but we're looking at doing the kitchen (yay!) in the next 5 or 6 months, so flooring can wait.

My boys are a little jealous that the baby has a "better" room than they do. To be fair, she keeps her room MUCH cleaner but I've started pulling together some inspiration...the boys' room is next!

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  1. I LOVE it!!!!! You don't see many blue baby girl rooms, but I am totally loving it!!!!! I dream of the day when we can get rid of our carpet, too! Darn Arizona homes! So much carpet!!

  2. I love it! We have the same dresser (that we also use as a changing table) and it has served us well for the last year+. My daughter's room is also blue- just a different shade. I'm sure she's going to love growing up in it.

  3. love the chandelier! So pretty!

  4. I lurrrrv all of this! Love that you did a blue room for a baby girl. I want a chandelier that makes noise.


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