Freckles in April: November 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Nursery is DONE!

The Caboose turned one month old on Friday and I celebrated by fiiiinally finishing her room (well, I'm still messing with art but it's close enough)! Just in time too, since she started sleeping in there this week.

I did the best I could with taking pictures...I've said this before but this room is DARK! Some of these exposures were 3+ seconds long and only possible with a tripod. When you're actually in there, though, the dark blue paint helps it feel cozy and the white paneling bounces a lot of light around to keep it from feeling cave-like. It's a good balance.

 Just a reminder of what it looked like before:

And now:

I had something different above her crib for ages but it never clicked. This zebra print from Ikea is a much better fit since there isn't a lot of tiny detail to get lost behind the chandelier.

The capiz chandelier makes a wonderful little tinkling sound when the fan is on and is my absolute favorite thing in the room.

It took me a weirdly long time to find a garbage can for her room. This one was on clearance (my love language) at Target. The wave painting (by my mother-in-law!) is temporary-ish. Whenever I get around to doing my own bedroom I want it in there but, for now, I can enjoy it above the changing table. Eventually I'd like to put something more textural up there- a banner? A quilt? Or maybe we can put her own drawings up there when she gets a bit older.

I've already talked about the dresser's fantastic. It's probably a little too tall for some people to use as a changing table but it's just the right height for me. For a while the baby was sleeping in our room and I was changing her on our floor. Moving to her room and changing her bum on the changing pad is about a million times easier on my back and still-sore post-partum bod.

This is my late night nursing spot. I got the rocking chair on Craigslist for cheap. The lamp is one we've had for ages and has a dimmer switch, which is invaluable. I DIY'd my boppy cover and the pouf (which is looking a little sad these days. It needs a bit more stuffing and a general fluffing now that Baby 2 has been leaping onto it every time he comes in the room). The basket on the right is another Target clearance find and holds the few baby toys I have left over from when my boys were tiny.

OH that wall. I went through 18 different configurations for making a gallery wall with those pictures and finally got fed up and leaned them against the wall to come back to later. As it turned out, I way preferred the look of them leaning and overlapping. So I picked up a picture ledge from Ikea stuck them up there. I still mess with it every time I go in there and I just ordered a different print to replace the one on the far left, but it's coming together.

The other wall houses the closet and this mirror I bought from PB Kids when Stinky was a baby. Caboose's sweet little lamb towel hangs on the hook.

I still dream of the day when this carpet will go away but we're looking at doing the kitchen (yay!) in the next 5 or 6 months, so flooring can wait.

My boys are a little jealous that the baby has a "better" room than they do. To be fair, she keeps her room MUCH cleaner but I've started pulling together some inspiration...the boys' room is next!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ways in Which I am a Total Crazy Person Lately

Having a baby makes you a leeetle bit crazy. Hormones plus lack of sleep plus that insanely addictive newborn smell- it's a potent combo.

We're done having kids but as I sat in the hospital I was overwhelmed with baby hunger. WHILE I HELD MY NEW BABY. I remember getting that feeling with Baby 2 as well. I spent the first couple months nursing my tiny new child while simultaneously telling Aaron WE NEED TO HAVE ANOTHER ONE RIGHT NOW. Mercifully, my sanity returned before my fertility did and there's a 4 1/2 year gap between Baby 2 and the Caboose. The wave seems to be passing even more quickly this time around as I remember what it's like to not sleep ever.

The grandparents were all over a few weeks ago and played pass the baby for a couple hours. I was always in the same room but when I finally got her back to feed her I realized, Holy crap, I MISSED you! Apparently it's possible to miss my baby even when we haven't actually been apart.

The other night Aaron offered to give the baby her supplementary bottle after I nursed her.

Me: Oh! That means I can go to bed right now and get two full hours of sleep in before she needs to be fed again!
Aaron: ....two full hours?
Me: Sadly, that's me dreaming big.

On the plus side, I FINALLY finished her nursery! Pictures forthcoming. Because I know you are dying of anticipation.

I'm a little addicted to social media. Find lots more stuff by liking me on Facebook or following me on Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!

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