Freckles in April: The Arizona Blogger Meetup

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Arizona Blogger Meetup

A year and a half ago I attended a blogger meetup organized by Camille and Katie. It was right as I was coming out of my thyroid haze and starting to feel better and was thinking about maaaybe getting excited about blogging and leaving my house again. On my way out the door I turned to Camille and said, "Hey, I'd like to help out if you do more of these in the future."

And thus I landed myself on the Arizona Blogger Meetup committee. I even hosted the last meetup at my house (because it was free and has a large backyard. I feel like I still owe some apologies for the ants and patchy grass though. We've conquered those things! Come back, people!)

Anyway, our most recent event was last Saturday at the Shine Space in Phoenix and it was lovely.

I went WAY outside my comfort zone and reached out to some sponsors to provide stuff for swag bags and a raffle table. Much to my relief, people said yes. DownEast Basics (a LONGTIME fav of mine) was amazing and provided gift cards AND a gorgeous display. My mom won a gift basket of Fairytale Brownies years ago and I've never forgotten it...they threw a brownie in each swag bag AND offered a couple gift boxes for the raffle.

Tiny Prints let us do these awesome notebooks. I NEVER have paper around and it's a huge pain because I am a listmaker extraordinaire so this hasn't left my purse! Watercolor background art by Beth Allen and fancy wording by Erin of Strawberry Mommycakes.

Proof Bread provided some super yummy pain au chocolat.

There was lots of iPhone photography. Unfortunately, I was using my phone as a GPS for 2 hours beforehand and by the time I finally arrived in Phoenix my battery was shot. So I obviously planned that well.

The Shine Space was SO cute but it got veeeery hot with all those bodies in there. When 4pm rolled around everyone was like, "Welp, that was fun. SEE YA." When we took the below picture Lydia told me to stop looking so hot. And she didn't mean it in the "attractive" sense.

The committee! And yes, Camille always remembers lipstick and I never do and that's why I am The Undead.

Camille welcoming everyone

Summer and Emily spoke on working with brands. Summer is a model and blogger with LOTS of experience working with companies and Emily is a small business owner. They gave a great presentation that gave helpful info from both sides!

Stephanie taught a roundtable on photo styling. I missed this one but heard it was fantastic!

Reachel talked about figuring out YOUR brand and being your own sweet self rather than trying to be EVERYTHING to EVERYONE. It was a shootoff of her fantastic Alt presentation and I loved it.
Ashley taught a roundtable on collaborating with others. I missed it due to running around but heard it was fantastic.

The whole crew!

Team Camayla!

Are you a local blogger interested in coming to our next meetup (or a brand interested in being a sponsor)? The website is under construction but ask to join the FB page to stay up to date with announcements and upcoming events! The next meetup will be in November or December and hopefully will not have an attendance cap (we had to stop this one at 50 due to space constraints) so it will be a great networking opportunity!

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  1. It was so great to see you, lady!! You look beautiful! Thanks again for helping organize these events--I know I cannot be alone in looking forward to it every time!! I appreciate the time and energy you have spent with the AZ Blogger Meetups! XO


  2. I'm so glad you're on the team! I'm also so glad there are always pictures of me making weird faces for everyone, it really makes the world a better place I think.

  3. Wow, that sounds like an amazing meet up! I've heard of all those bloggers and think they're amazing. I wish I lived in Arizona so I could go to the next one!

  4. How would one qualify to come to one of these? I'm in Northern Arizona and just getting a swing at this blogging thing but it sounds fun!

    1. There's no qualification..just join the FB group (linked to it in my post) and keep your eyes open for future events!

  5. That looks like such fun! I really need to get involved with more of the blogging community around Chicago!

  6. Just found you via Wayfair Homemakers- I am in AZ and this sounds awesome! Thank you for the FB group link!

  7. This place is so beautiful and romantic. The Boston restaurants are gorgeous and draped in white. Just gorgeous!! The room has a separate bar area with bartenders too.


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