Freckles in April: State of the Union

Friday, September 12, 2014

State of the Union

And by "union" I mean me + fetus.

People love to ask how I'm feeling these days. And every single time I think:

This cat gets me, you know?

I've still got a month-ish left and thinking about how LONG that is makes me a little emotional. But that's not super uncommon because the other day in my car I REALLY needed a pen to sign the back of a check so I could deposit it and I couldn't find a pen and I cried about it. Emotional is sort of my natural state right now.

It doesn't help that I've been fighting a cold off and on for a couple weeks. Some days I wake up feeling notsick and then other days I wake up congested and yucky and, hey! Let's throw in middle of the night contractions that are juuust uncomfortable enough to wake me up but not strong enough to MEAN anything.

I'm a total peach to be around right now, as you may imagine.

It's fine, I didn't want to leave the house anyway. Because, as Aaron likes to point out, I have clearly given up on life.

I'm not even attempting to fit into clothing anymore. Too hard. I DID wash my hair and put on mascara, though (and then I had to go take a nap). We take what we can get around here.

On the plus side, the placental issue that required twice weekly monitoring seems to have resolved itself (yay!) so I get to go back to being a normal patient for this final stretch. I'll miss my BFF the ultrasound tech but I know she'll understand.

Baby's carseat arrived this week (our old one is expired and too big to fit between her brothers' boosters anyway in our current car) so, aside from the complete dearth of baby wipes in our house, I'm feeling pretty ready.

And now...we wait*.

*with Pop Tarts. Because I suddenly can't stop eating them.

Plus some new stuff at Babble. Because sometimes I am productive through my grumpiness:

Fall maternity fashion- looks from 7 real moms (including this one. Which is killing me because I am NO WHERE CLOSE to fitting into my faux leather leggings and I am dying to recreate this look)

8 ways I make myself feel pretty during the 3rd trimester (you know, when I'm not being a fat, grumpy, pregnant cat)


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  1. That cat!! I can't stop laughing. That's the most accurate visual for the 3rd trimester I've ever seen. Hope this month goes quickly for you!

  2. I almost just started crying I'm laughing so hard at that cat. Good luck with this month! And the rest of your pregnancy. :)

  3. Sam's Club has the worlds best deal on baby wipes right now. They really do. And the box comes with what is perhaps the best thing ever invented, the Huggies baby wipe cute clutch thing. Theres like a trillion wipes (okay like 868) and the clutch for $15.

    I get you on that whole cat thing. Pregnancy is the worst. I can't seem to end a comment to you without ending it with that :)

  4. The grumpy pregnant cat!!!! Hahahaha! Best ever picture describing the last month of pregnancy. You are so close!!

  5. LOL oh gosh...that picture of the cat. Too perfect. :)
    Hope your last month goes by quickly!!

  6. That cat is amazing. And, I'll wear faux leather leggings tomorrow just for you. JUST FOR YOU. (And also for a bachelorette party.) Also, baseball tees are best. Also, PUMPKING POP TARTS. Available at Target every year. If I was there I'd bring you some.


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