Freckles in April: PSA: The Perfect Baseball Tee

Monday, August 18, 2014

PSA: The Perfect Baseball Tee

This morning Janssen and I went shopping and ducked into Forever 21. Right by the door were these baseball tees. We each grabbed a color before making the rounds and heading for the dressing room.

Here's the thing with baseball tees- if you steal one from the guy's side of the aisle, the neck is probably too small. But, for some reason, if you get a women's baseball tee the neckline is super WIDE (I love my maternity one but I have to safety-pin my bra straps in place). I've been through quite a few baseball tees at this point and have found decent ones but have yet to find one that I LOVE.

Until today!

Not only is it a great length with a perfect neckline and an awesome little pocket, it is ALSO $7.80. I bought two different colors (I think Janssen did too). I got them in a size large and they fit just dandy over my 7 month belly. I can easily wear them afterward as well. The best!

Go get one!

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  1. I seriously have been searching for more baseball t's!!! Thanks for the tip.
    And PS you look adorbs.

  2. Seriously, best shirt ever. I only got one, sadly.


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