Freckles in April: Nursery Progress | Adding Trim

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nursery Progress | Adding Trim

Because I had previously learned (the hard way) that math + measuring + angles are not my strong suit, I asked for Aaron's help with installing the trim. And it was a dang good thing I did because even he had trouble wrapping his mind around some of the cuts that needed to be made. And math + measuring + angles ARE his strong suit. Also, there was a chop saw involved and I like my fingers attached to my body.

I got 2 "pro packs" of molding at Home Depot. It's slightly cheaper that way ($1/ft vs like $1.13/ft) and it saved me the hassle of hand selecting each piece of molding. Each pack contained five 12' pieces of molding, which was just about perfect for both the chair rail and the crown molding for the room (plus a little extra for inevitable screw ups).

Love that guy
Aaron handled the measuring and the cuts then we'd each take an end, put the piece in place, and I'd do the nail gunning. While he puzzled through angles and handled the Finger Chopping Saw I went around patching and caulking and sanding. It was a pretty great system and we got the chair rail up super fast.

The crown molding was way harder (compound angles!). We got a couple walls done but then this one rounded corner defeated us and we had to walk away for a few days (much like my nemesis outlet when I was doing the planking) but eventually we figured it out and got it done. I'll be honest: this was mostly Aaron's doing. I'm not quite tall enough, coordinated enough, or math-y enough to handle crown molding. It was for sure the hardest part of doing this room!

After I got all patches and caulk on the trim sanded down I just taped and painted. After the mental and physical work involved with getting the planks and trim up, painting the trim was so pleasantly easy and mindless.

We also had to sand down part of the bedroom door. When the house settled the door frame became not even close to square so that when the door was closed I had to put every bit of my (not inconsiderable) weight behind my shoulder and SHOVE. It closes perfectly now!

And then! I cleaned. I mean, DEEP cleaned. Thanks to all the sanding there was dust in every last nook and cranny of that room. I washed everything from the fan blades to the baseboards then gave the most thorough vacuuming of my life.

And then, finally...I had an empty room.

Which is good because I had a hallway full of baby furniture and accoutrements that we were all a little tired of stepping around!

SO CLOSE. Stay tuned for a few more snippets and the final product!


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  1. Loving the wall color! And the trim looks great. Can't wait to see the room completed!

  2. It's looking soooo good!!!


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