Freckles in April: Baby Shower

Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby Shower

Six lovely friends from my old neighborhood threw me a baby shower last week and it was SO pretty and fun that I wanted to share a few pictures:

3 kinds of bruschetta, coconut lime cookies, cream puffs (my FAVORITE), mini cheesecakes, caramelitas, fruit skewers and veggies with dip. It was SO YUMMY. I took home a couple plates and ate it all for breakfast the next morning (aaand I wonder where the weight gain is coming from...)

Brooke and Amanda hard at work

There were lots of pregnant bellies and lots of tiny babies too!

I made this face a lot.


If it's possible I'm even more excited for this baby now. It's weird how little things hit you...I opened a tiny pair of fuzzy socks and was like OMG I'M HAVING A BABY! It hit me again this morning as I was assembling the baby tub (I've always bathed my poor children in the bathroom sink....

Baby Stinky in his fancy jacuzzi this time I was like, "Yeah, this baby gets a TUB! Livin' large!").

She may already be keeping me up at night but I can't wait to snuggle her!

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  1. you just look adorable and darling. love your glow!

  2. I love that baby + sink picture. I almost want you to skip the tub and keep using the sink, so there are more photos like that one...

  3. What a cute shower! And you look so beautiful! That sink pic is gold! :)

  4. It's really great when our good friends throw us a baby shower. It's more special than we've ever thought. And we can see how they loved us so much by putting all their efforts to make everything perfect for this kind of occasion that will mean a lot to us. Well, your friends throw you a very nice baby shower. I love how they organize this for you and oh, before I forgot, you really look gorgeous.


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