Freckles in April: My Husband Made This

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Husband Made This

My husband, Aaron, is a pretty smart guy. He's an engineer who mostly works with inventors and companies to design consumer products. He also does some occasional photography on the side with his business partner, Jed.

I stole a few pics of people I know for this post (from their website). That's my sister :)

He and Jed have amassed a rather large collection of photography STUFF that allows them to work with lights. They often dragged large bags full of stands and batteries and umbrellas along with them on shoots and, at some point, they turned to each other and said, "There has got to be a better way."

I got put on bedrest right after this and a few weeks later Stinky was born!

That was several years ago. Ever since then they've been working to develop and design something they call the Dixie Grip. They've been using their prototype for a few months now and have had other photographers approach them on-location and ask them where on earth they bought the grip and how they could get their hands on one. It makes life so much easier if you're a photographer who uses lights!

My little preemie Stinky (with my dad)

And now, the Dixie Grip is on Kickstarter! I'd LOVE it if you'd watch, share, and consider backing this project. He's been working on this for so long it kind of feels like the Dixie Grip is a member of the family. It's a perfect marriage of Aaron's two passions- engineering and photography- and it would be so awesome if they could get it into production!

Go watch their video on Kickstarter!


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