Freckles in April: Easy Breezy Summer Dresses

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Easy Breezy Summer Dresses

It happens every year about this time- I look in my closet and think, "WHY do I not have more loose, comfy, breezy dresses?" This year it's even worse because I've got a belly to contend with and, as I whine to Aaron every morning, it's HOT and I'm FAT and I hate CLOTHES. It's an issue.

Here are a few pretty and breezy dress options for surviving the rest of the summer in style (and on a budget)!

1. Mango Embroidered Smock Dress, ASOS
Waaaaant. A little pricier than the others but also the one I want the most!

2. Ombre Cami Maxi Dress, Gap
Luuurve that dip-dye hem. To die for.

3. Mamalicious Printed Waisted Dress, ASOS
Technically maternity but would work juuust fine for anyone who just wants a nice breeze around their legs.

4. Crinkle Chiffon Maxi, Old Navy
I know B&W isn't the most summery combo but add a handkerchief pattern on a lightweight fabric and it's perfect!

5. High Low Racerback Dress, Target
I love super simple silhouettes for summer. I tend to buy a size up for stuff like this so it's a little looser (a few stitches in the straps will get the neckline to where you want it).

Have you picked up any awesome, affordable, lightweight dresses lately? Share!


  1. I love, LOVE that first dress, and would wear it in an instant...except for the getting nearly completely undressed every time my baby needed to eat factor. Maybe I'll wait for it to go on sale and hope that the breezy embroidered trend lasts until next summer...or hope that you get it and blog about it so I can live vicariously through you.

  2. I completely agree about needing more loose, flowy clothing this time of year. And I love the first dress too. Only... I don't want to spend that much and it would fit me like a shirt. :)


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