Freckles in April: A Nursery Snippet | Forward Facing Bookcase

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Nursery Snippet | Forward Facing Bookcase

I bought this forward facing bookcase* when I was pregnant with Stinky over 6 years ago. I LOVE it...except for the part where it matches nothing in my house. Other than that, it's fantastic! When my boys were really little I kept a rotating collection of books in it and they could easily choose what they wanted because they could see the covers (rather than the spines, which they couldn't recognize as easily). It's not very tall so they could select a book AND put it away afterward.

My boys have since been upgraded to a full-sized bookcase so I was excited to pull the forward-facing one out again for the new baby. I had to make some changes though. I've never liked the fire-engine red, which doesn't mesh with my vision for the nursery anyway.

I took it apart and used a seam ripper to unpick the fabric slings. I lined it up on my new fabric (a curtain I thrifted! Goodwill had 3 of them for $6 apiece. The other two panels will go up around the window), cut, and used the old fabric to figure out where to sew the channels for the dowels.

I lightly sanded all the wood and gave it a quick coat of white paint (which we're using on the planking beneath the chair rail in the nursery so I already had it on hand). I let it dry then reassembled the bookcase and voila!

The whole project took me less than 2 hours and it was immensely satisfying to finally have a more neutral version of our beloved bookcase. I let the boys pick books from their bookshelf for their baby sister and we ended up spending a couple hours reading together and talking about the baby (and looking up age-appropriate baby development and birth videos on YouTube. They have started to ask QUESTIONS and not know how to answer those questions. Bless YouTube).

*still available! Also, they mercifully now carry a cheaper, more neutral version


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  1. Looks fantastic! I love it!

  2. I highly recommend the book It's Not The Stork for answering their questions!!!!!!


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