Freckles in April: Super Easy Sunglasses Makeover

Monday, June 23, 2014

Super Easy Sunglasses Makeover

My sister and I are the products of a very crafty mother. We grew up surrounded by hot glue, acrylic paint and shrinky dink and we inherited her love of making stuff.

When we ran across these sunglasses in the $1 bin at Target we knew we had to pick them up for my niece and nephew. We didn't love the plastic bow detail on the girly set, though. Fortunately, Nikki's Target shares a parking lot with Hobby Lobby so we quickly found some embellishments for BOTH sets of glasses.

It took only a few minutes and a couple dollars to get these sunglasses looking fancy and ready to take outside to play!

The gemstones above and studs below were both from the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby.

Start by using some sand paper to rough up the surface of the sunglasses just a little bit wherever you want to add embellishments.

Figure out how you want to place the embellishments then use a smidge of E6000 (hands-down my favorite glue for crafts like this) to attach.

Some pliers or tweezers can really come in handy when it comes to placing smaller pieces!

Let dry for a few minutes and then... your inner super-model! Miss E loved her glasses. She bawled when they were temporarily lost before she went to bed (we found them and she happily wore them up to brush her teeth).

She also got to wear one of auntie Kayla's necklaces- she felt all kinds of fancy!

A few weeks ago Aaron turned to me and said, "What if our baby isn't as cute as E??" And I was like, I KNOW. She is seriously too darling for words. I have 30+ more beautiful pictures of her and her sunglasses. It was really hard to narrow down which ones to include in this post.

Her big brother J may have felt too cool to smile in his glasses but I promise he loved them! He's a tough nut to crack sometimes when a camera is involved...especially since my boys were running around in the field behind the house and he just wanted to get back to playing with his cousins!

I love that he always poses with his hands in his pockets. Such a handsome dude.

This was the perfect quick and fun craft to end our whirlwind trip to Utah! We drove home yesterday and I'm already missing these sweet faces!


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  1. Too darling! Both of them look so cool...they obviously love modeling their sunglasses.

  2. Adorable! Now post a tutorial on Miss E's hair.


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