Freckles in April: Let's See Your 4th of July #SparklerStyle!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Let's See Your 4th of July #SparklerStyle!

White Plum Scarf, Joules coverup c/o

I was SO excited to take pictures with sparklers because 4th of July! Red, white and blue scarf! It goes with my hashtag (more about that below)! So fun, right? And then they burned me. Repeatedly! THAT is what I get for A. trying to get creative and B. buying cheap sparklers on the side of the road. Most shots involve me looking nervously at the sparkler while making sure my hair didn't catch fire. PSA: buy sparklers with loooong sticks. You're welcome for that bit of common sense.

Moving on....

White Plum gave these scarves out at Alt and I was kind of dying- who DOES that?? Awesome companies, that's who.

I'm also totally smitten with this cover-up that Joules sent me. It's pleasantly nautical with those classic Breton-style stripes but add a dash of red? Totally 4th of July appropriate! Plus, it's loose and comfy around my still-sensitive tummy (bless them for that). I've been wearing it around the house a lot even when swimming isn't on the agenda.

I mostly have to include this picture because my husband GOT INTO THE POOL to take it. That's love, my friends.

Since one of my takeaways from Alt is to do more collaborative type stuff I decided to do a last-minute style link-up in honor of the 4th of July, but with a little shake up- I'm doing it on Instagram!

As a super fun bonus, White Plum is throwing in something SPARKLY for two lucky participants- the gorgeous Charleston Necklace!

Want to participate?

1. Follow @frecklesinapril and @whiteplum_ on Instagram

2. Some time this week wear your July 4th, white and blue, stars and stripes, whatever strikes your fancy!

3. Snap a selfie and share it on Instagram tagging #sparklerstyle, @frecklesinapril and @whiteplum_ in the description.

Easy! I'll pick winners on July 5th so make sure you get your pic up before then.

Red, white and blue is one of my absolute favorite color combos so I'll be sharing a few pictures from the hashtag here on the blog. It's been so long since I've done one of these...I can't wait!!

I'll see you on Instagram!


  1. Got to love a man who is dedicated to blog photography! He's a keeper!

  2. Uhhh that scarf. So good.


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