Freckles in April: I Am Attempting to Not Look Like a House

Monday, June 9, 2014

I Am Attempting to Not Look Like a House

My current maternity clothing situation is...not good.

Both my boys were cold weather babies, which means my very small box of maternity clothing has things like thick herringbone pants (a relic from my working days), long sleeved tops and a couple sweaters.

There is nothing in there that allows for any kind of breeziness. Or the wicking away of sweat. Which I desperately need because when you check my zip code on it shows temperatures over 106 every single day for the foreseeable future.

(Shoot me)

I actually hate spending money on maternity clothes but I've been getting by with ONE pair of low-riding non-maternity shorts and a couple shirts that either cling to every bit of bump curvature OR make me look vaguely houselike. The time has come, my friends. My love handles demand stretchy panels and side ruching. Plus, with Alt coming up, I need some non-legging non-ratty-tee-shirt type clothes.

Things I've bought:

I started with dresses. I feel like all-in-one dressing while pregnant just makes life easier.

1. This kimono dress will probably make me look ginormous (I usually need things to be a bit more tailored to my arms) but I am dying over this color and how amazing the model looks in it! Since ASOS has free shipping and returns it's at least worth trying it on!

2. This dress is one of those perfect in-between type pieces that could easily dress up with a pretty necklace and heels or dress down with sandals and a fedora. I have high hopes.

3. I ordered this dress thinking it could either be super cool OR a total hot mess. I'll report back (and I'd probably chop the sleeves. Because, as I mentioned, HOT).

Things I want to buy:

Tees and bottoms are harder for me (like I said, I love the all-in-one ease of a dress). But here are a few things I'd like!

1. A baseball tee - looove these neon sleeves. But I need it with some belly room, please. And like..half the price (I think I'll buy this one instead, even though I don't love it quite as much).

2. A tube skirt with a little more wiggle room - I usually LIVE in tube skirts in the summertime but when I mentioned my love handles earlier I wasn't joking- those things have grown a LOT this pregnancy. Which means my tube skirts are suddenly fitting more like sausage casings than normal skirts. I either need to size up (a lot) or pick up something with a forgiving panel and some ruching. 

3. Some basic fitted tees - I've been shopping like crazy for a basic fitted tee but I'm still in that no-man's land between fitting comfortably in either maternity OR non-maternity stuff. My regular stuff groans as I pull it over my belly but maternity stuff laughs at me as it hangs all saggy over my bump. I've been here for weeks and its getting old.

So far I've gotten several votes for Target and Gap as people's go-to maternity clothing sources. I check ASOS regularly...any other suggestions?


  1. Seriously! I have been on the search for some everyday comfortable tees for the rest of this pregnancy. I did pick up some good ones at Old Navy and at Downeast when they had their cyber sale a couple weeks ago. Good luck and stay cool!

  2. I just had my fourth baby, and I felt better dressed this pregnancy than I ever have before. The secret was a lightweight tan maxi dress that I could do a million different things with and a couple of maxi skirts, one printed, one solid color. I wore skirts during the week a TON, and it's funny how you wear the same basic tee with a skirt rather than shorts or pants and you feel 100% better, both comfort-wise and put-together-wise. And really, the skirts I had were a lightweight cotton knit, so essentially a t-shirt for my legs! Win-win. I would not want to be pregnant in the summer in Arizona, though. I would be spending my entire maternity budget on swimming suits and living in the pool, I think.

  3. those dresses are awesome. gram em!

  4. I have tried to leave this comment twice now, so forgive the spam if it actually worked all 3 times. Anyway, I had surprising success at H&M. It was surprising because their maternity section, at least by me, consisted of like 1 rack and a couple shelves, but the 2 things I did get still worked at month 9, which was not true for most of my maternity wear. Gap was a miss for me this time around, except for the most perfect white tank top. I have extremely specific needs for my tanks, and this one was perfect (for me). Good luck!

  5. old navy…..awesome comfy maternity t shirts.

  6. Old Navy all the way. Dresses, skirts and shirts - I'm not as in to their maternity shorts and pants. Except...these are the best pants ever ever (totally breathable):


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