Freckles in April: Bump Style

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bump Style

At Alt Summit most people change clothes between the daytime stuff and the themed parties at night. The first day I changed in my car and it was super awkward (hello, security cameras!). After that, Camille very kindly offered up the room she was staying in with Reachel and Emily. If you don't already read Reachel's blog Cardigan Empire then you should really add it to your reader. She's a stylist and she knows her stuff.

Alt SLC Summer Wednesday Afternoon
My pretend roomies at their panel (taken by Brooke Dennis)
 It was super fun getting ready in their room because each person would come out in their party outfit and Reachel would immediately go to work rolling sleeves just so, adding a necklace from her own collection, helping pin wayward dresses into place. It was awesome watching her work and trying to absorb some of her stylist knowledge!

Alt SLC Summer Wednesday Afternoon
Reachel (again, by Brooke Dennis)

I borrowed necklaces from her on both Wednesday and Thursday night. I'm an unintentional collector of delicate jewelry and don't really own anything chunky or statement-making. Reachel added a big, blingy rhinestone necklace to my Wednesday night look and a huge bubbly one to my Thursday night dress. They weren't at all what I would have picked for myself but I LOVED them!

Wearing a big chunky chain I hope Reachel would approve of!

On the Saturday after Alt Summit I ended up going on a little shopping trip with my sister (and her husband and alllll the kids) and ended up buying 4 new necklaces I thought Reachel might approve of. Every time I've worn one since then (regardless of what I'm wearing) my husband says, "Whoa, you look fancy!"

The power of a necklace. It's very real, my friends.

Want to see some more bump style (including 3 of my new necklaces)? Check out my recent Babble post Get Cute Maternity Style Using Your Pre-pregnancy Button Downs!

I also rounded up 8 DIY Sunglasses to Up Your Cool Factor This Summer. I'm dying to make myself some glittered sunglasses now!


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  1. Uhhhh your outfit. So good.

  2. I'm so glad you moved in- it was fun to have you! And seriously, Reachel has me rethinking my already large statement necklace collection. You should probably do a post on neutral statement necklaces and show us the good things you bought! :)


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