Freckles in April: Bump Style

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bump Style

Thank you so much for your supportive and loving comments on my post yesterday. It really means so much to me to put something so difficult and personal out there and receive only goodness in return. Bless you all- those who are struggling, those who are faithful, and those who are on a different path altogether. I want you to know that when I made the choice to leave I also decided to be totally open about it to anyone who came to me with respectful questions or a desire to talk. You can always find me at Thank you to those who have already reached out- I am truly enjoying our conversations!

And now back to our regular scheduled fluff.

I'm having to relearn how to dress my pregnant body. I got pregnant with Baby 2 when Stinky was around 18 months old so it was all still pretty fresh in my mind. This time around, however, it has been over 4 years since I was last pregnant and it feels like the first time all over again! I'm slowly figuring it out, though, and have been moving beyond leggings and stolen shirts from Aaron's side of the closet.

I ordered the Gap skirt from this post and LOVE it. it's soft and super stretchy and doesn't make me feel like I'm stuffing myself into something that's 3 sizes too small. And, of course, I told you about this shirt. I know it won't work for the whole pregnancy but, for now, I'm wearing it constantly.

Relatedly, I wrote a post for Babble this week highlighting 4 tips for hiding a baby bump before you're ready to announce your pregnancy. We kept this one to ourselves a lot longer than our other two thanks to early complications and I got pretty good at hiding my expanding self! Check it out.


  1. I was behind on my blog reading, so I didn't see yesterday's post till now, but I applaud you. I sometimes feel the same way about the Catholic church, but I go because I feel like attending church as a family is important. Fortunately square pegs are a little more accepted at my church, but I still don't feel like I 100% fit in and I have to be OK with that.

  2. FINALLY. More bump pics please.


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