Freckles in April: Alt Style

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alt Style

Alt was really only 2 1/2 days long but I wore 6 outfits. You may think that's crazy town but let me assure you that I wasn't the only one. Most people wore one outfit for the daytime panels and roundtables and another for the parties in the evening. My photos are pretty junky but I wanted to share. I was pretty proud that I found this many outfits that fit me right now!



leather sleeved blazer from H&M, DIY maternity dress, black belt and booties


DIY t-shirt dress (tutorial forthcoming!), Target belt and scarf, neon pink Gap flats



ASOS dress, cropped jacket and belt (ooold), nude flats from Payless

Old Gap moto jacket that I wear with everything, Headline tee, Agnes & Dora leggings, neon pink Gap flats



I don't even have a phone pic of this one! ASOS dress, black belt and booties, Gap moto jacket


DIY dress, thrifted belt, Target sandals, necklace borrowed from Reachel

I really did have grand plans for taking photos of my outfits but it just didn't happen- there was too much other stuff going on!

Except for the black booties (ugh) I was super comfortable all through Alt and was pretty happy with my outfit choices. The first couple days were WAY colder than I was expecting (it was 55 and rainy on Tuesday!) so it was awfully nice to get a pair of buttery soft Agnes & Dora leggings in a swag bag at the early-bird session. They saved my poor thin-blooded behind on Wednesday night when the party was outside on a chilly evening!

I'll be honest- if I ever go to Alt again it will be REALLY nice not to have to dress a mid-pregnant body!

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