Freckles in April: Links I Love

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Links I Love

Why hello there, outfit I want to wear all summer. [via Hatch]

A little brow finesse from The Beauty Department | Filling in my eyebrows takes forever but I always do it because it makes such a HUGE difference in how I look. I gave this little trick a try yesterday and it was amazing. Basically the same results in less than half the time. Sign me up.

Some post-partum friendly pants from Camp Patton | She looks incredible and I will be buying some of these. Possibly sooner rather than later because guess who doesn't look all that great in skinny jeans right now? My thighs need some room to breathe.

A post about real life from Everyday Reading | I love Janssen for writing this. Bloggers tend to write about the sunshiney stuff because no one wants to hear about how obnoxious your kids are capable of being or how you haven't done laundry all week and so half the family is going commando (ahem). But it's a good reminder that what we put out there is curated and that real life is much more...real.

A beautiful bald bride from Style Me Pretty | This woman discovered she had cancer in the middle of planning her wedding. They went ahead anyway. I was in tears by the end of the post.

If Elsa and Kuzco had a baby | I died.

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