Freckles in April: DIY Newborn Gowns

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DIY Newborn Gowns

EDIT April 2016: It appears the blog I link to in the post no longer exists and neither does the pattern. I found this post, which contains a PDF pattern that's close to identical

A few days ago one of my friends posted on FB that she was in search of a new hobby. I chimed in that my favs are baking and sewing. And then I thought, "Except I haven't done either in ages." Fortunately an opportunity for chocolate chip cookie baking presented itself and THEN I fortuitously found my sewing machine (wasn't sure where it landed after the move). It was time.

Although my sewing machine surfaced, my large under-bed storage bag full of all my patterns has not. I have seriously torn this house apart and I have NO idea where it is, which is really sad. There were a lot of awesome patterns in there that I've collected over the years. And it's HUGE, where would it even go??

Anyway, Google came to my rescue and I was able to locate the pattern I really wanted. Mercifully, it is still FREE and it remains one of my favorite sewing projects. It's one of those fairly easy, highly rewarding sewing projects. Especially if you can go with an assembly line approach like I did!

I LOVE newborn gowns. Someone (my aunt, I think?) gave us a couple for Stinky when he was born. They were sized 0-3 months but we squeezed him into them until he was like 8 months old (they are really forgiving and he was pretty small). They are just so sweet and soft with no waistbands digging into round little tummies. Plus, easy diaper access.

So when I stumbled across that post while pregnant with Baby 2 I got sewing.

Drooly Baby 2 in one of his mommy-made gowns

I was a pretty amateur seamstress at the time and I'm still so proud of how they turned out! It ended up being my go-to baby shower gift for a few years before I lost my sewing groove.

Two friends have either had a girl baby or announced they are expecting a girl baby in the past few weeks so I decided it was time to sew up some gowns. I bought 2 yards of fabric plus a little ribbing and elastic from JoAnn's for just over $13. With judicious cutting I got FIVE gowns out of those two yards. I did the math and they cost me something like $2.60 apiece and a few hours of my time. Not too shabby, people.

And now to buy fabric for my two friends who are having boys!


  1. Good job! Five gowns out of two yards is pretty impressive, and I love your fabric choice. I need to make some of these for my upcoming guy. Thanks for the link!

  2. Awesome! This is perfectly what I need today.

  3. Seriously so cute. I need to work on my sewing skills.

  4. Hey! Your links no longer work! I am looking for this pattern and wondered if you had it on hand? My email is Thanks!


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