Freckles in April: A Little Baby Update

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Little Baby Update

I had my big anatomy scan this week and this baby, mercifully, still has girl parts. Which is good because I have a closet FULL of the cutest girl clothing ever and I think I would cry forever if I didn't get to use all of the stuff I've been accumulating over the years. I've had actual nightmares about going in there and hearing, "You're having a BOY!" So it was a relief that there were no penises to be seen. We've had two of those show up in years past and I think we've filled our quota.

She is already classy and graceful, as you can see below.


But, seriously, she has the same nose as her brothers and they have, quite literally, the most perfect noses I've ever seen. So we're hoping that she'll pop out cute as a button and not folded up like an origami crane.

My doctor said, barring anything weird, this should be my last ultrasound. My boys both had complications later in pregnancy that necessitated TONS of ultrasounds so hearing that was music to my ears. I'm hoping we got our complications out of the way early with this pregnancy and now I can just cruise on through until delivery. I know most pregnant moms are thrilled to have ultrasounds but, for me, they always seem to bring bad news so I'd rather just...not.

Also, just for fun, here are the announcements we sent to the grandparents and my sister in Utah. Nothing fancy but I never did anything for my boys and, since this is our last baby, I thought I'd do one while I had the chance. They didn't know we were having an ultrasound so it really was a big surprise!

This pregnancy seems to be flying by compared to my other two. All the moving and travel has kept me so busy that I haven't had much time to sit and think, "WHY IS PREGNANCY SO LONG" like I did with my boys. Tuesday just keeps rolling around and my phone dings with an update from my BabyCenter app that I have knocked out another week. It makes me feel very productive, even if all I've done that week is take naps and eat cheese (the love handles. They are a-growin').


  1. Aw, congrats on your baby girl and I hope your pregnancy goes super smoothly for you!

  2. That ultrasound is SO CUTE!!!! this is coming from the person who thinks ultrasounds are creepy. but your baby is a cutie already.

  3. That announcement is cute. I'm trying to think if there could be a way to do it the other way if you had two girls like I do.... "Look out girl, we're having a boy?" Lol. Not sure that has the same ring to it.

  4. That gender announcement is so cute! Congratulations on a healthy pregnancy. :) I'm sure she'll be a cutie with The Perfect Nose.

  5. You are hilarious. That is all.


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